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Is organic skincare better for your skin than regular skin care? Or injuries organic skin care your skin? Get the answer right here!

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Question: “Organic skincare”

Hi Mads,

Just saw your list of skincare products. I don’t think I saw any of the organic brands that I know. I would love to have as organic products as possible. Aren’t there any of them that you would recommend?


Answer to: “Organic skincare”

Dear Vivian,

Thank you for your excellent question regarding organic skincare products.

Organic is not better for your skin. There is no research that proves that organic skincare products have a better/different effect than non-organic. When you develop skincare products you heat the ingredients up to high temperatures to get them to emulsify anyway.

Organic skincare are often products without parabens, which means that you have to preserve the products with other ingredients like ethereal oils, and they are way too harsh and will cause more damage to your skin than it will benefit from them.

So in conclusion, organic skincare products are no better than non-organic. If you choose to buy organic products, you should do so from an environmental perspective.

Have an amazing summer!

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