Over-eating – I can’t control it

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Question: “Over-eating – I can’t control it”

I’m over-eating and I CAN’T control it! I’ve been to hypnosis, etc. NOTHING is helping!

I know what I can and can’t eat, but still I’m doing it.. because I can’t control myself.. Every time I start dieting and I get to the point where I become really hungry – even if I’ve tried eating a lot of healthy food and have been stuffing myself with vegetables – I still end up eating the type of food that will satisfy me. I’m like an animal that haven’t seen food for days, every day!

People tell me: Try it, you need to learn and you need to change your way of thinking!

YES…but I exaggerate with food.. like an addiction/eating disorder..

I say YES YES in the moment and I promise myself the world, but after half a day I back out. Eating in secret, etc.

My mother cries because it has become dangerous for me.. I cry myself.. But I’ve been dealing with this for 4 to 5 years now. My weight started at 55 kg, now I weigh 92 kg.

I can’t tolerate fruit.. Have been seeing the doctor about it, etc. Not carrots either, etc. My stomach goes crazy, it was the same when I was used to them and weighed less. Because BELIEVE me, back then I was really healthy. It just started happening..
People are always being smart about what I should do and about my life and what I’m doing wrong, but they have no idea that everything they say – there’s a good reason why it doesn’t work for me!

And if people get in my way of what I want to eat, I become so aggressive and angry that I would smash everything to have it.. I lie, so that I will be able to go out and buy some!

I WILL DO EVERYTHING to get my hands on food and chocolate!

I’m like a drug addict, who will do ANYTHING to get what they need!

I’m 19, smiley, temperamental and very sad on a daily basis!

I have no energy to do anything at all!

My weight keeps going up and I eat more and more every day.


– The unhappy girl

Answer to: “Over-eating – I can’t control it”

Dear Unhappy girl

First of all, I want to say that it is amazing that you come forward with your problem. The fact that you recognize that you have a problem – which you call “food addiction” is actually a start, and I have precisely created this web site to help people – and I am happy to be available.

I have been in the same situation myself. When I was younger, I could not control my consumption – and like you describe it, you become angry, tired and aggressive, and you take it out on those closest to you – parents, friends, etc.

When I was 10, I was diagnosed as being allergic to several E numbers and dyes – precisely because of my eating habits. Because I have changed it between then and now, I am no longer allergic.

To be able to help you, I need to ask you 2 things. The first thing you should do is take a picture of yourself – hang it up beside your bed, because that should be your goal. Then, I wish to have a bit more personal contact with you, maybe by emailing. I need to know more about your allergy to certain foods, if not I cannot guide you through the big jungle of products.

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