Perfume in skincare

How to avoid skin with perfume? Is perfume and fragrance dangerous for your skin? Danish Skin Care provides advice for the best care of your skin

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Question: “Perfume in skincare”

Hi Mads,

I would like to find a moisturizer without perfume, since my skin gets very irritated from perfume in crèmes.

Do you have some tips for me when looking through lists of ingredients: What must be in the product and what shouldn’t be in it?

All the best,


Answer to: “Perfume in skincare”

Dear Lana,

Thank you so much for your question!

It’s a really good idea to use skincare products without perfume, since perfume will irritate the cells in our skin.

On the ingredient lists of skincare products, you should look for (and avoid) fragrance and perfume.

I wish you a beautiful and healthy skin!

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