How is Perioral Dermatitis Treated?

Perioral Dermatitis can be difficult to get rid of, but do not worry, you're not alone! We are here, because we want to help you, get rid of your skin problems. And actually, the solution is simple, effective and without annoying side-effects. Get the best skin care guide and skin care here!

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Author Mads Timmermann

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Question: โ€œHow is Perioral Dermatitis Treated?โ€

Dear Mads

I write to you because I am quite convinced that I suffer from Perioral Dermatitis. I have consulted my doctor, who gave me a prescription, and I have used it on my chin every night for nearly two months. It has gotten a bit better, but my Perioral Dermatitis is not gone yet. The outbreaks of red bumps comes and goes, but this time, it has plagued me for quite some time. :-(

What would you recommend me to do?
I have been using a E-vitamin serum for the last couple of days, it surely can not hurt?
Do you have any good products you can recommend?

I can send you some pictures of my skin if you need it.

I really hope you can help me. It’s so annoying and my skin problem makes me really sad.

Yours sincerely,

Answer to: โ€œHow is Perioral Dermatitis Treated?โ€

Hi Line

Iโ€™m very sorry to hear that you are plagued by Perioral Dermatitis โ€“ it is definitely a annoying skin condition. And sadly it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of, but do not worry, it can be treated so you experience fewer outbreaks and donโ€™t get them at all! :-)

And although prescription drugs have a really good effect on Perioral Dermatisis, the problem with drugs is that they often contain few ingredients. And a good treatment for Perioral Dermatitis is just the same as with pimples! You need to care and treat the skin on multiple layers and with lots of different and beneficial ingredients!

โ€“ Read more about the difference between Danish Skin Care and prescribed skin care here:

Thatโ€™s exactly what I do with the Danish Skin Care series. The products are STUFFED with a variety of awesome ingredients. Obviously all the products in my skin care series is without perfumes, dyes and other harmful chemicals! Nor do they contain other skin irritating ingredients. We use a LARGE amount of super good ingredients, each of which helps to care, treat and repair the skin.

The Danish Skin Care series already contains vitamin E in the right amount for your skin. And I am not saying your vitamin E serum is harmful, but the problem with serums is, that they are often too harsh โ€“ in other words, too concentrated. And because something is good, it doesnโ€™t necessarily mean, that a lot is actually better!

It is about using the right amount, and most importantly, it is using a lot of different and beneficial ingredients.

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