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There are thousands of myths about skin care ingredients! But before you expose your skin to improper treatments, read our guide on pimples and garlic.

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Question: “Pimples and garlic”

Hi :)

I have read a lot about garlic or garlic juice should remove pimples. A lot of different people, say its a miracle cure for pimples, and garlic is a magic ingredient i skin care! I would therefore like to ask you, if this is  just another myth or if it is true?

I love all your different products, they really have helped me !!! : D

Best regards

Answer to: “Pimples and garlic”

Hi Cecilia

I am glad to hear that you are happy with my products – and thank you for your confidence in me! It’s so great that you send me your question about pimples and garlic! :-D

And oh boy. YES! There are many CRAZY myths out there…

 – Read more about myths and skin care here:

In regards to pimples and garlic… I have also seen a lot of tips and tricks emerge about this myth… There are a lot of recommendations about pimples and garlic. And now you mention garlic juice! Garlic juice was the last advice I read about garlic and pimples! The advice was about freshly squeezed garlic juice and its magic ability to remove pimples.

– The truth simply is, that garlic does not work to fight pimples.

Well… You should eat all the garlic you want to! Garlic is SUPER healthy and full of good things for the body and your skin… Please do eat all the garlic you want. It is healthy! :-)

But for the love of god, do not use garlic or garlic juice on your skin – it can actually do great harm… It will cause skin irritation, which could result in more pimples. So your skin, pimples and garlic should not be mixed together!

Garlic does not work to remove pimples. Garlic juice can not remove pimples, so it’s a myth!

– It is simply wrong, so if someone recommends garlic to fight pimples, DON’T believe them.

I honestly doubt that someone has ever experienced improvements by lubricating the skin with garlic. I think, you would see a lot of people walking away from you, if you start lubricating your skin with garlic. With a garlic tonic, you can not help but smell a lot of garlic. I love garlic, but it’s not exactly the best perfume. ;-)

– And no, garlic will certainly not remove pimples… So please don’t try it! :)

You can read more about the correct treatment of pimples and impurities on my website, where I have put a lot of guides out on correct treatment of pimples and unclean skin.

I am sure you will be especially happy to read this one:

– Simple, effective and fast guide about treating pimples

Have a fantastic day!

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