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Get help in choosing the right facial care and skin care for the face. There are many products, but how to choose the right skin care?

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Question: “Products for facial care”

Hi Mads,

I was wondering if you could give some examples of products for daily facial care. I mean, something that I can use clans my skin morning and evening. Struggling with blackheads too, so what do I need to get rid of them and which moisturizer is better.

I get dry skin very easily, so it has to be something mild :-)


Answer to: “Products for facial care”

Dear Kenni,

Thank you for your question about facial care.

I will start by answering your last question regarding mild skincare products:
All skincare products must be mild and not contain harsh and irritating ingredients. This also goes for all types of ethereal oils and fragrances.

I will recommend you the following products to keep your skin clean, healthy and protected:


Which in a gentle way removes dirt and other things from the surface of your skin. Please note, that blackheads are not caused by dirt in the pores and therefore they cannot be cleansed away.

Try Perfect Skin Face Wash.


That contains antioxidants, so your skin is protected from free radicals that will destroy skin cells.
That contains exfoliating ingredients, which will also help with removing blackheads. Look for AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid, for example glycolic acid or lactic acid) or BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid = salicylic acid), which contains moisturizing ingredients, for example glycerine or hyaluronic acid.

The only difference that there has to be between your day crème and night crème is that your day crème has to contain sunscreen, that protects from both UVA and UVB rays (for example a physical sunscreen like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide).

Evening: Perfect Skin Moisturizer.

Day with sunscreen: Perfect Skin Day Protector.

I hope you have a lovely evening.

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