Should scrub creams be a part of any good skin care routine?

A lot of products promise miracles! But actually a simple, gentle and still awesome skin care routine is all you need! Get the facts here...

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Question: “Should scrub creams be a part of any good skin care routine?”

Hey Mads

I really love all the super information you give! Is really great that you share so much free material and information. Keep up your good work! :-D

However, I have just read about your products and there is one thing that puzzles me …. The product containing salicylic acid is a exfoliation product, but it is not a scrubbing cream?

Hope you will help :-D

Best regards 

Answer to: “Should scrub creams be a part of any good skin care routine?”

Hi Henriette

Thank you for reading my free guides on skin care and skin problems :-D

And thank you for your sweet words!

And thanks for your question … It is so GREAT that you are skeptical and ask questions! That is how it should be!

A scrubbing cream is a cream with stones, pearls, plastic balls or some kind of “gravel” in the product that will help grind dead skin cells from the skin. And it is not good for the skin – as it just scratches the skin.

But you are correct, a scrub cream can also be called exfoliation. Scrubs is a mechanical exfoliation – and the scrub creams are made to scratch dead skin cells away from your skin. Its a harsh treatment of the skin and it can actually create irritation and skin problems.

Exfoliation is also present in chemical exfoliants that use acid to remove dead skin cells – but it is a much gentle exfoliation of the skin. Plus you get the very big advantage that you do not scratch and damage the skin.

In the category of chemical exfoliation there are a wide range of products – you’ve probably heard of fruit acid treatments. They are not entirely good for the skin as they basically only work on the outside. And there is also the disadvantage that fruit acid requires quite high concentrations of acid.

Salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliation, which, like fruit acid, acts externally. But salicylic acid also acts internally and in the deeper layers of the skin … hence salicylic exfoliation is much more gentle to the skin as it is working on several levels with the skin and does not require particularly high-acid concentrations. In addition, salicylic acid is both soothing to the skin, deep-cleansing and reparing.

– Read more about exfoliation here.

So, Perfect Skin Power Treat is also an exfoliation – but it’s not a scrubbing cream :-) Perfect Skin Power Treat is a product that lubricates your skin in the evening and it works overnight … also the salicylic acid will gently remove dead skin cells, and care for the skin at the same time :-D

– Get Perfect Skin Power Treat here.

I’m sure you’ll love it!

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