Stay beautiful when you travel

Avoid sad, dry and dull skin when you fly. Learn how to pack correctly for your flight and nourish your skin best on the plane

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Author Mads Timmermann

Mads has 14+ years of experience as a skin expert and has written/read this article.

Take care of your skin properly when you go away from home.

Are you ready for your next flight?

Do you have a handle on what you are allowed to carry on the plane?

Have you packed the right skin-care products?

Would you like to look good when you land?

It can be a challenge to get your entire beauty routine packed in your suitcase (which is ALWAYS just too small).

Here is your guide on how to most easily and effectively arrive beautifully at your destination โ€“ and get safely through the airport.

The safety checks โ€“ oh my god!

Itโ€™s really frustrating if the security guard throws your skin care products out!

And yes, they do so! You must, in fact, have only a limited quantity of liquids.

And no, there is no โ€œBut momโ€ โ€“ nor about your exspensive products .
Make sure all your products are packed in one clear plastic bag that can be sealed.

In the bag you must have a maximum of 1000 ml. of liquid products. In addition, each product must be a maximum 100 ml.

(This is why all Danish Skin Care bottles are less than 100 ml.)

It is usually okay to have a razor and small nail scissors in your hand luggage, but do you want to be on the safe side? Pack these in your checked luggage.

Pack in smaller sizes

You rarely need 200, 300, 400 and 500 ml. of shampoo or body wash. Your 100 ml. bottle of perfume is perhaps just a bit too much for three weeks of vacation.

Obtain travel sizes. These can easily be enough product for two to four weeks.

However, do not fill put your skin-care products into smaller jars!ย The good ingredients, as antioxidants, are rapidly degraded by light and air.

For women, it is also optimal to reduce the amount of makeup. You do not need twelve differentย  eye shadows. ;-)

Sunscreen โ€“ remember it!

You are almost always 10 km closer to the sunโ€™s harmful UV rays on an airplane. REMEMBER your sunscreen! The sun penetrate the aircraft windows.

Use the hotel products

Most hotel rooms have free body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Use them. :-)
You will have room for more purchases in the suitcase on your trip home. ;-)

The vast majority of hotels today also offer these products without perfumes (unscented). However, do not stress if there is perfume in the products. Perfume and color are not good for the skin, but for a short period, you will manage. Especially in products that do not remain on the skin, such as shampoo and body wash.

Never use creams with color and perfume. Cream remains on the skin for a long time.

Travel-safe sizes

The skin-care line from Danish Skin Care is easy for you to take along on the journey. You can safely take it onto the plane, in your cabin; all the products are less than 100 ml.

The packaging is small and nifty and does not take much space. You can easily have the skin-care series, deodorant, perfume, and a little makeup in a transparent plastic bag. :-)

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