How much skin care product do you need?

Do you use a little less of your skin care product then the instructed amount? Maybe you want your expensive skin care product to last just a little longer? But do you actually get the most out of you skin care product this way? Maybe you are using your products incorrectly, get the answers here!

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Question: โ€œHow much skin care product do you need?โ€

Hi Danish Skin Care :)

I ordered a complete skin care kit back in November. I ordered due to all the good reviews you get, and I really believed that that your products would work!

I am bothered by a lot of small pimples on my forehead, oily skin and I also get some small pimples other places on my face! Especially on my cheeks it is really bad, but I also have a lot of small pimples on my chin and forehead.

I have used your complete mini kit until now and i am still not finished with the products.

My skin has become a bit more smooth and a bit less oily, but all the small pimples is still there… And sadly I can not say there are less of them! Unfortunately! :-(

I really hope you can help me… I really wish I could have a beautiful and healthy skin!

Many hopeful greetings,

Answer to: โ€œHow much skin care product do you need?โ€

Hi Christina

It is super nice to hear that you are well underway with my skin care products โ€“ and it is also great to hear, that you can beginning to see good results on your skin.

However, I have to say, that you are using too little skin care product.

โ€“ Or maybe you simply donโ€™t do you skin care routine every day โ€ฆ. Hehe โ€ฆ If you are still using your complete MINI kit, and you havenโ€™t used it all, there is something wrongโ€ฆ

In a complete MINI kit, you get enough product, so you can do a daily routine, for approximately a monthโ€ฆ And this is also how it should be used! Otherwise, your skin wont get enough skin care, and you will not get the desired effect.

So I would definitely recommend you to follow the instructions, and use more skin care every day! You have almost stretched the products for one month to three monthsโ€ฆ So yes my advice and answer to you question is, you need to use the instructed amount (in your case you need to use more skin care) before you get the results you want.

It is precisely the ingredients in the product that will help your skin โ€“ and therefore you should not use a too small amount of skin care product. Of course, a little amount of good skin care is far better then nothing, but as you have also experienced on your skinโ€ฆ With too small amount of skin care, you donโ€™t get all the benefits that you wantโ€ฆ Despite the very small amount of products you have used, actually has improved your skinโ€ฆ But if you really want to give your skin the proper care and get the best and fastest result โ€“ then you have to use the recommended amount.

For a complete skin care kit, you should use 1 โ€“ 2 pumps of Perfect Skin Day Protector and Perfect Skin Moisturizer. The same goes for Perfect Skin Face Wash, here you should also use 1-2 pumps โ€“ and even more if you also use Perfect Skin Face Wash as a makeup remover. In regards to Perfect Skin Power Treat you should use 3-5 shakes on a cotton pad.

โ€“ Thus, in a complete skin care kit you get approx. 3 months of daily care for your skin.

There is less skin care in Danish Skin Care MINI โ€“ hence the name. :-) And because they are smaller, you should use 3 โ€“ 4 pumps when using the creams and cleansers โ€“ otherwise you will not get enough product for your skin. And thus you should get approx. 1 month of daily care for your skin. :)

So Christina, try changing your skin care routine and follow the instructions of the skin care product โ€“ then Iโ€™m pretty sure youโ€™ll start seeing even better results! :-D

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