Skin care, Sunscreen and Sun Protection Factor

Do you love the sun but do the many misleading advice about sunscreen confuse you? So let us guide you to the best skin care and sunscreen!

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Question: “Skin care, Sunscreen and Sun Protection Factor”

Hey Mads :-)

Thank you so much for a super nice skin care series. Your products has really helped me!

However, I’m a little confused about the sun protection factors and how high numbers I need to protect my body and face. Is SPF 15 with filters like your day cream enough here in the summer or if I should be so lucky to go on a sunny holiday? Or is it best to use a sun cream in your face in addition to your day cream? If yes, how long should you wait before you put on sun cream after your day cream?


Answer to: “Skin care, Sunscreen and Sun Protection Factor”

Hello Leonora

Super questions! So great that you are committed to protecting your skin from the sun :-D

Danish Skin Care day cream is QUITE enough – and it protects not just your skin in the summer, but 365 days a year. Even on a gray cloudy day you need to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun – they penetrate the clouds and damage our skin. Therefore, sunscreen in a day cream is necessary!

And as I said, there are quite ample protection in the day cream. Also on sunny summer days! :-D

However, you must always remember – the same goes for all sunscreens – to put new sunscreen on multiple times during the day. No sunscreen can protect you from dawn til dusk, especially on sunny summer days – and certainly not when we’re sweating or maybe drying our sweaty foreheads or take a dip in the pool.

So always remember to reapply Perfect Skin Protector Day to your face :-D But there is no need to use other sunscreens on your face :) You get ample protection with Perfect Skin Day Protector + you also nurture your skin while avoiding fatty sunscreens in the face.

Also make sure to remember your ears, they also need sunscreen! In fact, the ears is the place we often forget – and the ears are also the place where most get skin cancer … so remember to get that sunscreen on your lovely ears! :-)

– You can get Perfect Skin Protector Day here:

And if you want a super delicious sunscreen for the entire body, you can find my lovely sunscreen “Perfect Sun Protector” here:

Have a lovely sunny summer!

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