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Author Mads Timmermann

Mads has 14+ years of experience as a skin expert and has written/read this article.

Question: “Become an expert in your skin and know you skin type”

Hey Mads

I follow your newsletter and love all the tips and guides you share. In particular, it makes me so happy, how easy you make your skin care routine and treatment of the skin! It is simple, easy, effective and amazing! :-)

However, I am very unsure about what my skin type is… I have dry skin, but I often get a oily forehead during the day … What should I choose if my T-zone is a bit oily, but during a skin analysis, I was told that it was because my skin was dry and trying to compensate? I am really confused. :-)

I really hope you can help me.

Best wishes

Answer to: “Become an expert in your skin and know you skin type”

Hello Mette

Of cause I would love to help you, but I do not care much about the skin analysis, what nonsense to say that the skin is compensating, and making dry skin oily…

– Either the skin is dry or the skin is oily – the skin is not oily because it’s actually dry, and it is definitely not compensating by being oily.

It’s a bit like arguing against being hungry, because “you’ve just had breakfast”… Hehe … If you are hungry, you should have something to eat :-) And have you just eaten, then you didn’t eat enough food.

So if your skin is oily. Then it’s OILY. And should be treated with products for oily skin! :-)

When talking about skin type, the skin type ONLY says something about the moisture balance of your skin – if you have acne, a pimple, freckles or sensitive skin. Or if your skin is black or white, has nothing to do with your skin type. Those are skin problems – or innate beauties! :-)

When assessing your skin type, it is actually VERY easy. You only need yourself. And you should certainly not pay for a skin analysis. Nobody is better at evaluating your skin than yourself.

– You just have to feel, see and sense your skin.

Do you feel that your skin needs moisture, perhaps the skin is tight, it shells – or maybe your skin feels too “tight”. ” Then you need more moisture and should choose the creams for “normal to dry skin”

Do you feel your skin is oily, shiny and sticky. Then you need minimal moisture and should choose the creams for “normal to oily skin”.

Getting others to evaluate your skin type is a bit like asking your neighbor if you’re hungry … :-)

– You are the best expert! :-D

To this I might add, that ALL people are both! We are all dry and we are all oily. What you need to decide when choosing your skin type is what you are the most – and the best time to assess your skin is during the day.

The worst time is in front of the mirror after a shower, as most of us get a bit dry after a shower. The water is actually removing moisture from the skin.

– So try to think back on the last week. How has your skin been, in the middle of the day? :-)

Have you experienced that your skin was mostly dry or oily? What have you experienced the most? :-)

With the Danish Skin Care skincare series, you do not have to think about anything! Simply choose whether you are mostly dry or oily. The Danish Skin Care Series is STUFFED with vitamins and minerals for the skin! And the products will really boost and nourish your skin in the absolute best way. Like the series effectively helps against pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pigmentation, sun damage, scars, wrinkles – and obviously cares for the skin with anti-aging ingredients and much, much more…

Likewise, we consider ALL skin, as delicate and sensitive. Therefore, all our products are 100% free from perfume, colorants and irritating ingredients. The products are very effective, but nevertheless very gentle.

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