Cleansing product with aha/bha

AHA/BHA is great exfoliating ingredients in skincare! But to get a positive effect you need to choose the right products. Let us guide you.

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Question: “Cleansing product with aha/bha”

Hey Mads

Its a very good video with many informative things. However, I get a bit confused because you in the beginning say that you should avoid AHA / BHA but finally you say it’s a good idea to use it? :) Would you like to elaborate? I have bought such a product (Murad’s AHA / BHA exfoliating cleanser). However, I do not use it daily but only twice a week.

Again thanks for all your good advice on your website. You seem very skilled + it’s really nice that you are so fond of helping others.

Many kind regards from Camilla

Answer to: “Cleansing product with aha/bha”

Dear Camilla

THANK YOU for your sweet words about my video! I’m really glad!

Sorry, I’ve confused you in my video. It’s quite correct that you do not have to buy a cleansing product with AHA / BHA. AHA / BHA has to be on the skin for a longer time to have any exfoliating effect. In addition, it is easy to get the cleansing product in your eyes, which can cause irritation.

The reason why I say you should use AHA / BHA is because these are the best and least annoying exfoliation ingredients you can get. However, the ingredient must be in your creams so that they remain on the skin and thus have a positive effect.

I hope you can use my response and I wish you a wonderful evening!

Loving spring greetings from
Mads Timmermann =)

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