Skincare and pregnancy

Pregnant skin and choice of skin care during pregnancy can be difficult. Danish Skin Care provides this free advice for skin care during pregnancy

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Question: “Skincare and pregnancy”

Hi Mads,

I’m writing you with a question regarding chemicals in your products.

The Board of Health are recommending as little chemicals as possible during pregnancy.

I want to try your products, but if there are chemicals in them, maybe I shouldn’t do it right now…

Answer to: “Skincare and pregnancy”

Hi Julie,

Thank you for your question!

I want to emphasize that it is always best to consult your doctor with questions like this, since he or she knows more about your personal health and because it is his or her field of expertise.

The following is only my personal point of view and even if it is based on research, it is still important for you to consult with your doctor.

The reason why most obstetricians give very little information of what type of cosmetics to use or not to use, is that there are very little published research on problems with cosmetic ingredients.

If it was me, the only thing that I would avoid are prescription Vitamin A products. The small amounts of Vitamin A used in cosmetics are as far from the prescription ingredient that it is not even worth mentioning.

An exfoliation with BHA (salicylic acid) can be a possible risk, since it is related to aspirin, and some obstetricians will worry about its effect locally. But I have seen nothing that shows this to be a problem for pregnant women.

This means that you can use all my products without having to worry.

I would be a lot more concerned about use of alcohol, smoking (even passive smoking) than any cosmetic product.

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