Can you start too early with anti-aging products for the skin?

We believe in products with lots of great ingredients - also those with anti-aging benefits - so should you! Begin now its not too soon!

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Question: “Can you start too early with anti-aging products for the skin?”

Hey Mads

Thank you for your amazing videos about skin problems and treatments. You are really a inspiring person, and I love all the guidance you give!

For many years I have struggled with blackheads, oily skin and sometimes pimples, so I want to try your products.

However, I have heard a lot about treatment and prevention of wrinkles should not be part of your skin care before you are 25+ as it can stress the skin and make it much worse when the time comes for wrinkles. I am 23 now.

What is your attitude towards anti-aging in skincare products?

Yours sincerely
Nina :-)

Answer to: “Can you start too early with anti-aging products for the skin?”

Hi Nina

It is FANTASTIC to hear that you want to get started with my Danish Skin Care products. I am pretty sure that you will be super happy about the products – And if I have to say so my self, it really is some GREAT products to remove acne, pimples and blemished skin! :-D

And I am so very happy that you write and ask about anti-aging skincare and wrinkles. Let me quickly say that it really is nonsense!

Treatment of wrinkles consists of adding a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to the skin. And anti-oxidants are far more than just treatment of wrinkles. Anti-oxidants, like vitamins and minerals, are an absolutely natural part of food. So to talk about avoiding anti-oxidants (ie anti-aging ingredients) it’s completely foolish. The vast majority of vegetables contain anti-oxidants … Some more than others… e.g. blueberries contain huge amounts of anti-oxidants – So if you should avoid anti-aging care, it would be like saying that nobody under the age of 25 should eat blueberries. And may I also add strawberries, raspberries, aronia berries, black currants – as they also contain LOTS of anti-oxidants (so lots of treatment for wrinkles) :-D

And yes, when we talk about wrinkles and anti-aging … then anti-oxidants are far more than just one ingredient to counteract wrinkles. Anti-oxidants also help protect your cells in the body so that you are resistant to diseases and the like. And if something really is needed for young people, children and people under the age of 25, it’s precisely to protect their cells in the body – so they can be developed in the very best way :-D

So saying that anti-aging ingredients only should be used from a certain age is really nonsense! That anti-aging ingredients should stress the skin is also nonsense! It actually does exactly the opposite, it nourish, cares and protects you – and your cells in the body. So anti-aging or more precisely, anti-oxidants, you can’t start too early. The sooner the better! :-)

I would therefore strongly advise you to look into the Danish Skin Care skincare series – it is specially developed for acne, pimples and blemished skin. Our skincare is based on the knowledge studies and research have proven to work. The series also contain lots of anti-oxidants that will help remove your pimples, nourish your skin – and as an added bonus, the products also prevent wrinkles.

At the same time, Danish Skin Care is a simple 3-step system consisting of 4 products that you use to clean and treat your skin in the morning and evening:


– Perfect Skin Face Wash: Wash the face with water, foam the product into the hands and wash the face. Rinse with plenty of water and dry the face dry.

Perfect Skin Day Protector: A day cream with sun factor, which is extremely important to give the skin the ability to fight and help itself to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays! The sun’s rays account for 70% of our skin problems, so sun factor is extremely important! And further, the product is packed with good ingredients and vitamins for the skin.


– Perfect Skin Face Wash: Wash the face with water, foam the product into the hands and wash the face. Rinse with plenty of water and dry the face dry

– Perfect Skin Power Treat: A daily exfoliation, which is distributed in the face after cleansing your face. Leave the product on the face overnight. A daily exfoliation is highly effective to keep the skin healthy and vital – and it will daily help the skin to get rid of dead skin cells and keep our pores clean. At the same time, the product is filled with deep cleansing ingredients and soothing ingredients that helps the skin to remain healthy and clean.

– Perfect Skin Moisturizer: The night cream, is like the day cream, filled with good ingredients to help protect and rebuild the skin, just without sunscreen.

Regarding creams, it’s important to choose a cream for your own skin type – so if you have a tendency to oily skin, you should choose the range: normal to oily skin. If you tend to have dry skin, then you should choose the range: Normal to dry skin.

A skin care kit from Danish Skin Care has a life span of approx. 3 months, so the products are really economical in use – and the best part is that they are extremely easy to use. You dont have to think about eye creams, masks, spot-treatment, skintonic etc – it is all in the series. So just use the products! Eye cream, masks, spot-treatments and skintonic are all “built-into” the series. In addition, the series is 100% free from perfumes, dyes and skin irritating ingredients.

– Get the right skin care kit for your skin type here.

Hope it was an answer to your questions – otherwise you will have to write again. I would like to help you so that you can get rid of your acne.

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