Birth control pills against acne, pimples and unclean skin

Yes, Birth control pills can change your skin! But not necessarily the change you want. Learn why you shouldn't use The Pill as skincare!

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Question: “Birth control pills against acne, pimples and unclean skin”

Hey mads

I am considering testing your products. The thing is, however, that I have wasted a fair amount of money on products lately, as my acne has worsened since I stopped taking birth control pills in December.

I was recently at the dermatologist, who recommended me to start on the contraception and at the same time treat my acne with some prescribed medicine, however, the medicine should be quite harsh for liver / kidney. So I really have no desire to start with the acne medicine. The dermatologist also said that my impurities are due to hormones.

My question is therefore whether you think that I will be able to achieve results with your products, if my acne is due to hormones?

With best regards

Answer to: “Birth control pills against acne, pimples and unclean skin”

Hi Mia

It is great to hear that you want to get started with Danish Skin Care skincare products – and I am sure that you will be extremely happy with all the products. They are really amazing :-D

And let me start by saying that yes of course you can achieve GREAT results. Pimples and acne is mostly due to hormones, so it’s almost always what we fight against …

Hmm … In addition, I would like to add that I think it makes sense that you should not follow your doctor’s advice. It sounds totally unprofessional that he wants you to start with birth control pills as part trying to fight your acne and pimples. :-S

You take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy – it is not a medicine for acne and pimples! :-S

In addition, you never know how your skin will respond to birth control pills. Well, birth control pills are hormone-regulating … but it is hard to say if they will give you more pimples or if they will result in fewer pimples. Nobody can say anything about how you body and skin will react.

If you want to use medication against pimples, there are medicines specifically for acne and pimples – and one of them is Isotretinoin, but here’s the disadvantage that Isotretinoin is a rather harsh cure for acne and pimples. Isotretinoin also has many severe side effects and can damage your kidney and liver.

– Read more about Isotretinoin, drugs and medicines for acne, pimples and unclean skin here.

As a recommendation, I would always recommend you to test the Danish Skin Care skincare series before considering Isotretinoin – which should only be considered as a last resort.

I myself have solved my acne with the products – and I really think they are FANTASTIC! The Danish Skin Care series is also specially developed for acne skin based on the knowledge studies and research has proven to work. Meanwhile, Danish Skin Care is a simple 3-step system consisting of four products that you use to clean and treat your skin with in the morning and evening:


– Perfect Skin Face Wash: Wash the face with water, foam the product into the hands and wash the face. Rinse with plenty of water and dry the face dry.

– Perfect Skin Day Protector: A day cream with SPF, which is extremely important to give the skin calm to tackle its problems and thereby help themselves to all and not to protect the skin against the sun’s harmful rays – the sun’s rays account for 70% of Our skin problems, so the sun factor is extremely important! At the same time, the product is filled with good ingredients and vitamins for the skin.


– Perfect Skin Face Wash: Wash the face with water, foam the product into the hands and wash the face. Rinse with plenty of water and dry the face dry

-Perfect Skin Power Treat: A daily exfoliation, which is distributed in the face after cleansing with a cotton pad. Leave the product on the face overnight. A daily exfoliation is highly effective to keep skin healthy and vital – and daily help the skin to get rid of dead skin cells and keep our pores clean. At the same time, the product is filled with reparing ingredients and soothing ingredients that helps the skin to remain healthy and clean.

– Perfect Skin Moisturizer: A night cream, which like the day cream, is filled with good ingredients that help protect and rebuild the skin, just without sunscreen.

Regarding creams, it’s important to choose a cream for your own skin type – so if you have a tendency to have oily skin, then you choose the range: normal to oily skin. If you tend to have dry skin, choose the series: Normal to dry skin.

A skin care kit from Danish Skin Care has a life span of approx. 3 months, so the products are really efficient in use – and the best part is that they are extremely easy to use. You dont need to bother with expensive eye creams, masks, spot-treatments, skintonic etc – all you and your skin needs is in the series. So just use the face cream, eye cream, masks, spot-treatments and skintonic are “built-into” the series. In addition, the series is 100% free from perfumes, dyes and skin irritating ingredients.

– Get the right skin care kit for your skin type here.

I hope this was an answer to your questions – otherwise just write to me again. I’d really like to help you so you can get rid of your acne, pimples and blemished skin.

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