Black Mask face masks against blackheads

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Question: “Black Mask face masks against blackheads”

Hi again, Mads

Thank you once more for your always good advice and your great guidance. Its so cool that you take the time to answer questions and help people with skin problems.

I just forgot a question in my other mail …

I’ve seen some videos etc. about the so-called black mask and that they should be good for blackheads and other skin problems. But im not sure, are they any good and it is worth trying out different kinds of black masks?


Answer to: “Black Mask face masks against blackheads”

Hello Again Frederick and thank you for your kind words. :-) I am so glad that i can help you! : -)

I myself have struggled with skin problems and a lot with pimples. And it was my own skin problems, which started my passion for skin care. I really love to advise others to avoid the mistakes I have committed and been through before I got rid of my pimples and skin problems.

So you can always write me again – if you have additional questions. :)

Compared to black masks, as you have seen youtube clips about, then I would certainly advise you to NOT use these masks! There is no scientific evidence that they have any effect – in spite of what advertising and many youtube film says about how fantastic black masks are. And I know it looks so incredible when a black mask pulls impurities and blackheads out of the skin and you seemingly get rid of all the blackheads immediately.

It’s a clip that’s created to get you to buy a particular product. It is therefore pure advertising when you see that a black mask quickly removes blackheads and leaves your skin beautiful and free from blackheads.

But I promise you, black masks isn’t good for your skin. In fact, I would argue that you can achieve the same results simply by using plain glue tape – or plain tape – it will also be able to remove blackheads from the skin’s pores just like a black mask.

Now I just have to say that I really can not recommend you use any kind of tape, black masks or other masks in the face for the treatment of blackheads. It has no effect, although it may seem that it removes blackheads quickly and efficiently.

You do much more damage to your skin by doing these kinds of treatments. And it’s for sure that you’ll soon find many more blackheads if you use these black mask face masks to remove blackheads.

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