Birth control pills, Clindoxyl, skin problems and sun protection

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Question: “Birth control pills, Clindoxyl, skin problems and sun protection”

Hey mads

I am a girl and I am almost 23 years old. Recently I shifted from the third generation contraceptive pill to the second generation contraceptive pills. I have taken birth control pills since I was 17, against unclean skin, and it has helped and of course only improved with age. However recently my blackheads and pimples have come back in my face, on my back and chest. 

I would not call it acne, but it’s enough to make me insecure and I am giving it a lot of unnecessarily attention. In addition, I have used Clindoxyl for many years, which I know is not very healthy, but it’s the only that has been able to control my skin problems  a little. I have used Clindoxyl, even though I toke some harsh pills to remove the last impurities. However, I think it’s as if it does not work as before and I’m so frustrated waking up with a lot of pimples in the face every morning. I also suffer from a lot of blackheads despite my consumption of Clindoxyl.

So the things I am in doubt about is:

1) Can Clindoxyl have lost the effect on my skin due to many years of use?
2) When my skin is not severely bothered by pimples, but most blackheads and some minor pimples, is it possible I am using too harsh products against my skin problems?
3) I am going to Asia this summer so I can not use Clindoxyl (I cant because of the sun) but should I use your products?

Best wishes

Answer to: “Birth control pills, Clindoxyl, skin problems and sun protection”

Hello Augusta

Thank you for your question :-D Of course, I would like to try to help you. You’re not supposed to fight pimples and unclean skin for so many years.

Pimples can be treated!

However, I would like to start by pointing out that birth control pills are not medicine for acne and pimples. That you choose to use birth control pills to fight your pimples is of course your own choice, but birth control pills have no effect on akne, pimples and blemished skin.

When taking birth control pills you can be lucky to experience an impact on your akne, pimples and blemished skin, is because the vast majority of skin problems are due to hormonal imbalance. And birth control pills just create a VERY large hormonal imbalance in your body, so it can help neutralize the hormonal imbalance that causes the akne, pimples and blessed skin…

But the pills do not remove pimples, and one day when you choose to stop with the pills, there is unfortunately a GREAT risk that you will experience a VERY large pimple outbreak.

– Read more about birth control pills, acne and pimples here

My advice to you is that you should really start treating your skin and fight your pimples!

That you are already treating your skin problems with Clindoxyl is as it is. However, clindoxyl is a medicine and you should not use it for long periods of time – you risk becoming resistant to the drug’s effect, which I am pretty sure has happened in your case … and that’s why you no longer feel that you get the same beneficial effects of Clindoxyl as before.

So please stop with Clindoxyl right now. You should also stop a long time before you go to Asia, as Clindoxyl makes your skin light sensitive … and before your skin can rebuild it self, it will take a few months. Otherwise, you risk getting to Asia with a very “thin” skin and you will therefore have a far greater risk of becoming violently red, thus also having a far greater risk of developing skin problems due to the sun – in the worst case skin cancer.

So yes, it’s really a good idea to stop taking clindoxyl now!

Now you also wonder if you can use too harsh skincare products for your skin. The answer to that is actually really simple! YES!

Whether you are severely plagued by pimples, or only slightly troubled by pimples, then a aggressive and harsh treatment of the skin is NEVER the way forward.

I know that many think that these stubborn and hugely frustrating pimples should be treated with harsh products. Also many companies advertise deep cleansing products. Exactly like a lot of people are of the opinion that pimples require harsh and aggressive products and treatments.

But it is simply not the way you should treat skin problems like acne, pimples and blemished skin! Treatment of acne and pimples requires gentle and mild skincare. Whether you have many or just a few pimples. No matter how hard you’re bothered, you should always treat your skin gently and carefully.

Irritation of the skin is one of the major reasons for aggravating outbreaks of pimples, so it is far better to nourish the skin with super good skin care products that is filled with plenty of good ingredients for treating pimples and unclean skin.

And I would like to recommend that you to take a closer look at the Danish Skin Care skincare series:

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And you also get the treatment of scars, redness of the skin, pigmentation, skin damage, and you also get sun protection and much, much more! :-D

Actually, the Danish Skin Care skincare series is an amazing all-round series that you can use 365 days a year to ensure a beautiful skin :-D

And yes, of course, you are welcome to use the Danish Skin Care skincare series also in Asia :-D You get – as already mentioned – sun protection in the day cream, so you are already well protected from the harmful rays of the sun :-)

I would also strongly advise you to click on the link below and sign up for “The Danish Acne Cure” – a series of movies where I give you a lot of smart tips and tricks for the correct treatment of acne, pimples and unclean skin :-D

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