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Do you know that Danish Skin Care is filled with vitamins, minerals, anti-aging and sun protection? Read our attitude towards deals here.

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Question: “Deals, coupons, discount and Danish Skin Care”

Hello Mads and Danish Skin Care :-)

Now I have used your skin care kit and your skin care series for the past 3 months and now I’m running out. I’m really happy with the products. I was pretty skeptical about the products before I ordered, but your skin care products has really turned my skepticism and now I am a true believer. WAUW! It really are some super good products and they keep my skin healthy and my pimples away.

Therefore, I would like to ask if your are considering turning your prices down? With some quick mental arithmetic its easy to see, that it will cost a lot of money per year if I continue to buy Danish Skin Care.

It has removed my skin problems and I am very grateful for it, and I feel that my skin problems will return if I stop using your great products! The last weekend I was partying a lot and didn’t really use my skin care products – and during the week I could just stand in front of the mirror and see my skin problems and pimples return!

I’m still experiencing a pimple here and there, but I know, I’ve only been using your great products for 3 months. I think its just a matter of time, before the last pimples disappear … I hope so! :-)

I really hope you will consider making your Danish Skin Care products cheaper, because I believe that the kids and younger generations can not afford these products because of the price.

Or maybe you could provide some discount codes for Danish Skin Care products? Or, maybe give a great discount, if a customer buys a larger quantity :-D Maybe give 50% off – it would be so cool!

Looking forward to your reply – have a good day: D

Answer to: “Deals, coupons, discount and Danish Skin Care”

Hi Klaus

Thanks for your mail – great to hear that you are fond of the products :-) Very nice to hear that you are happy with my skin care products – and super cool to hear that you already after only three months is seeing great improvements. It is a super good sign – and I dare say now that you obviously will experience fever and fever breakouts. Treatment of acne and pimples just takes time, but you are already doing the right thing :-) And soon you won’t see any new breakouts. If you remember using your skin care products! ;-)

In regards to your question about making Danish Skin Care products cheaper or lowering the price of Danish Skin Care products, i have to say, we have no plans about lowering the prices.

We simply can not afford it! Freight, wages, production and the price of ingredients are rising every year … so we are actually selling our products to the best possible price. You probably have experienced getting a higher salary?

Danish Skin Care products prices haven’t changes, but the cost actually has.

Now, we have occasional offers on Danish Skin Care products. However, I must be honest and say that I’m not fond of offers and discounts. In the sense that if you can sell a product with a 50% discount several times a year – I really think that the product is to expensive to begin with! I have a far greater focus on ensuring a cheap and fair price all year round – so that everyone shopping in May gets the same good discount and price on Danish Skin Care products as the fans, users and new customers who makes a order the rest of the year. But yes, we have ongoing offers and discounts on Danish Skin Care products.

Having said that, I understand your point of view, and your thoughts about Danish Skin Care products “just” keep the problems down – however, I believe you should think about good skin care differently. First of all, I would like to point out that after all, you have only used the products for 3 months. Over time, you will surely see that your acne disappears :-)

However, I would like to recommend you to think of the Danish Skin Care series as much more than just a treatment for your pimples. You also get treatment of scars, pigment damage, sun protection, anti-aging – and you will receive lots of healthy and good vitamins as well as minerals and LOTS of GREAT ingredients for your skin.

Actually, you should think of skin care a bit like a healthy diet. We know that we should eat healthy every day to have a healthy body. The same is true with skin care. Skin care should also be used daily to make sure your skin is healthy, well-groomed and well treated :-)

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