Skincare and cheat meals

We believe in caring for our body and skin But there is no fun in being fanatic! So do cheat meals, but learn why you shouldn't overdo it.

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Question: “Skincare and cheat meals”

Hey Mads

Thank you for all your inspirational and wonderful guidance!

I strongly consider dropping milk from my diet, as I am severely bothered by pimples! Research shows that milk and dairy products cause pimples, so I certainly do not want to drink or eat it. I really want to get rid of my pimples. :-) So dropping milk and become pimple-free, it seems like an easy and simple solution. :-)

However, I just have a question about dropping milk, which I hope you will answer.

If I try to avoid milk and dairy products, is there no possibility of sometimes doing cheat meals where I what I want, also food containing milk and dairy products? If so, how often would it be okay to do cheat meals?


Answer to: “Skincare and cheat meals”

Hello Maria

Great that you are planning to drop milk and dairy products – your skin will surely be very happy :-D And nice to hear that you can use my advice and my guidance :-D

HA! And what a wonderful word “cheat meals” … I love it! :-D

However, I would not like to start giving a definition on how much or little milk you can and can not eat. Research shows that milk and dairy product cause pimples, so we really should avoid all milk and dairy products.

– Read more about why milk and dairy products cause pimples and blemished skin here.

My personal view is that we should never become fanatical anything in life. There is really nothing good about such a mentality. :-)

So my advice is always to stop or minimize the daily intake of milk and dairy products … but if you sometimes eat ice cream, curds or a great big piece of pie with lots of whipped cream … it won’t cause any skin problems. At least, these are not these situations, or cheat meals that are causing pimples :-)

The reason – and the big problem – lies in a high daily or weekly intake of milk and dairy products :-)

– Read more about skin friendly alternatives to milk here.

Hope this answers your question – roughly :-D
Finally, I will just allow me to point out that you should not expect that you “just” can drop milk and voila you lost your pimples. Unfortunately, there’s a little more to it.

Do you want even more tips to fight pimples, so I strongly recommend you to check out my free movies and guide the treatment of pimples on the link below. Here I tell you what you should be aware of when dealing with pimples, as well as providing a lot of advice on how to fight your pimples and get a nice blemish-free skin.

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