Danish Skin Care and Dermarollers

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Question: “Danish Skin Care and Dermarollers”

Hey Mads.

Could you give some guidance and write what you think about dermarollers? ?

I’m a HUGE fan of your products – I love your skincare series – and use it every day! Your skincare products have really helped me remove my pimples. I’m so happy!

I’m just still a little trouble with scars and marks in the skin – and I thought that a Dermaroller might help to remove these problems :-)

Sincerely, Benjamin

Answer to: “Danish Skin Care and Dermarollers”

Hi Benjamin

Sure :-D But actually we have already written on the subject in our beauty guide and mailbox. But of course here you get my position on dermarollers anyway. :-D

I would STRONGLY advise against any use of dermaroller!

– it can not be said much more clearly ;-)

However, I would like to explain why you should not use Dermarollers.

There is absolutely no scientific evidence or documentation that dermarollers work.

I have yet seen any research about Dermarollers. Not sure it exists! The idea behind Dermarollers is actually against everything research has proven works – namely that skin and skin problems should be treated gently.

And i am personally fighting for and advocating more research on skincare – and im a great advocate for following research and evidence in relation to how we give our skin the best possible care and treatments. Therefore, all Danish Skin Care products are of course also based on what research has proven actually works – we are not magicians and we dont do hocus pocus or smart sales tricks.

And because of this mentality, that’s why the Danish Skin Care products works so well! Danish Skin Care products contain only what research has shown works, so we offer the best skincare and treatment of skin problems.

Research has repeatedly shown that the skin and skin problems should be treated with care. Dermarollers, on the other hand, are a violent attack on the skin!

Research has also repeatedly shown that irritation of the skin causes a wide range of skin problems. One of the main reasons for e.g. pimples is just irritation and friction on the skin – and that is EXACTLY what dermarollers does. It creates friction on the skin.

So, I would strongly advise against ALL use of Dermarollers!

Now I have seen quite a lot of skin that has been treated with Dermaroles – and I have not yet seen one who has got a nicer skin after using Dermarollers.

Therefore, it is really thoughtful that Dermarollers suddenly has become so popular. For 5-10 years ago it was scrubbing gloves and scrub masks.

They HAPPILY disappeared – at least, the use of scrubbing gloves and masks with abrasive grains (scrub masks) has dropped dramatically over the past 5 years.

– Read more about scrubs and irritated skin here.

And voila, then the Dermarollers appeared. And the difference between using a scrub mask and dermarollers is not really that big. Actually Dermarollers is just a smarter and finer tool than a scrubbing mask or scrub glove.

The effect of Dermarollers and scrubbing masks and scrubbing gloves is the same – it causes irritation of the skin. Plus Dermarollers create friction on the skin, which can lead to many different skin problems – pimples, acne and irritated skin are just some of the many problems Dermarollers are responsible for.

Basically, I’d rather recommend you to arm yourself with patience – my products already contains several ingredients that help to remove scars, marks in the skin and redness. Exactly like Danish Skin Care products are very good at removing pigment damage, discoloration and staining on the skin.

But do you want to put some extra effort into your treatment of scars and marks on the skin, then I would recommend you to read more here.

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