Eye creams: Should you buy them?

Smaller containers, more expensive, same ingredients! Hey... You call those benefits? Learn more about our philosophy towards eye creams.

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Question: “Eye creams: Should you buy them?”

Hi there :-)

I want to hear if you do not sell a GREAT eye cream? I really need some extra good skin care for my eyes. 

Best regards Annette

Answer to: “Eye creams: Should you buy them?”

Hello Annette

My answer is both yes and no! ;-)

We do not have a specific cream for the skin around the eyes. In fact, we are great advocates about saving money on special eye creams and skin care you actually don’t need – there is ABSOLUTELY no difference about the treatment of the skin around the eyes! The skin needs the same good skincare same as the rest of your face and body.

So whether you have tired eyes and want to tighten the skin around the eyes. Or if you have black circles, you really want to get rid of. Or if you have many wrinkles and want to reduce your wrinkles around your eyes. There could be many reason why you would think that the skin around you eyes need more expensive products.

Or maybe its simply that you just want to take care of your eyes and you just want to have nice skin around your eyes. So you counteract and avoid getting dark cycles in that area. We all want to always has nice and fresh eyes, and reduces the amount of wrinkles around our eyes!

But in fact, you do not actually need a special cream for the skin around your eyes. In other words, eye cream is just a extra filling product in your skin care routine. An additional product, which often costs a hole lot of money for a much smaller amount.

The point is that you should just use your plain face cream like your eye cream :-)

– Read more about eye creams here.

And a SUPER FANTASTIC face cream that you can use for the skin around your eyes – we have :-)

In fact, we have a FANTASTIC face cream and eye cream. Thus, a cream that works to remove black circles around the eyes, works to treat tired eyes, helps to tighten the skin around the eyes – while at the same time it helps to care for your skin.

Now, you may think that the skin around the eyes is much more sensitive than the skin on your face. And that might also be true. There is ABSOLUTELY no skin that should be treated with harsh products.

You can look like this on it that you can not use your face cream around the eyes – then you should indeed not smear the cream elsewhere on the skin :-)

So yes, the skin on the eyes should be treated with care. It’s also the rest of the skin on the face too – and therefore you might as well choose to use your good face cream also as eye cream :-D

If you choose the day cream from Danish Skin Care, you also get sun protection for the skin around your eyes!

So remember to get a FANTASTIC cream for you entire face and say goodbye to tired eye and dry skin!

Get Danish Skin Care’s Day Cream – Perfect Skin Day Protector here.

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