Open or closed skin pores?

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Question: โ€œOpen or closed skin pores?โ€

Hey Mads

I have always wondered if the skin pores are supposed to be open or closed? It is often said that the pores should be open, but there are also so many products sold to close the pores! So I usually open my pores withย some hot water and then I clean the pores and close them again with a toner that closes the pores. Is it a correct skincare routine, or should the pores always be open or closed?

I really hope you can help me!

Have a good day :-)

Answer to: โ€œOpen or closed skin pores?โ€

Hi Helin

Great question, which I unfortunately can not give you a simple answer for.

Basically, the pores are not opened and closed โ€“ the pores are just cleaned. Thus, the dirt (often dark) that is in the pores is removed and cleaned away, which may make the pores seem smaller. When you use hot water โ€“ the pores are โ€œcleanedโ€ so that they become like wrinkled fingers โ€“ and then they look a little as if they haveย opened.

The truth is just that the skinโ€™s pores are just as they are. They neither open nor close. The skin breathes 24 hours a day โ€“ and this is actually the skin pores purpose!ย :)

So my advice to you is not to think too much about it โ€“ just make sure to cleanse your pores with aย good and gentle face wash. And always choose to wash with lukewarm water. The skin is not fond of very hot water or a very cold water.

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