Knowing your skin type and products from The Body Shop

Its important knowing your skin type and skin care! Do you want the best results? Then always avoid perfumes and color! Learn why here.

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Question: “Knowing your skin type and products from The Body Shop”

Hey Mads

I love all you great advice and it is some super information you share! It is great to access your website and get good skin care guides! However, I’m in doubt about what skin type I have, do you have any good advise, so I can figure it out?

In addition, I am a little in doubt about buying your products. Currently I use a skin care series from The Body Shop called Tea Tree Oil, where I have a face wash, facial cleansing and a cream. But I’m pretty sure it contains perfumes and dyes.

Do you know if tea tree oil is good or bad for the skin?

Best regards Camilla

Answer to: “Knowing your skin type and products from The Body Shop”

Hi Camilla

Thank you so much for all your sweet words! It is so nice that you read my guides and feel you can use my advice on skincare, skin problems and treatments! :-D

And of course I would also like to help you find your skin type – it’s actually super easy :-) But a lot of people in the industry make it sound like, it is difficult to determine what skin type you have … Actually, I sadly think it’s all about making it sound hard and difficult, so a cosmetologist can sell you a skin type analysis.

– Learn more about how to find your skin type here.

Honestly it’s really not that hard! But let me just start by defining skin type.

Skin type just says something about your skin’s moisture balance – if you have acne, freckles, tender or sensitive skin has actually nothing to do with your skin type. Those are skin problems – or innate beauties :-)

When assessing your skin type, it is VERY easy. You just have to see, sense and feel your skin and you will get the answer you seek. :-D

If you feel your skin needs moisture, your skin may feel tight and dry – you may feel that your skin is too small for your face. Then you need moisture and should choose the creams for “normal to dry skin”.

Do you feel that your skin is greasy, shiny and sticking. Then you need minimal moisture and should choose the creams for “normal to oily skin”.

With Danish Skin Care you just leave your problems and skin to my wonderful products! Simply choose whether you are mostly dry or greasy.

Danish Skin Care Series is STUFFED with vitamins and minerals for the skin that will really boost and nourish your skin in the absolute best way. Like the series effectively helps against acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pigmentation, sun damage, scars, wrinkles and obviously cares for the skin with anti-aging ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

– Read more about Danish Skin Care’s attitude towards ingredients here.

Likewise, I see ALL skin, as delicate and sensitive. Therefore, all of my products are 100% free from perfume, colorants and irritating ingredients. The products are very effective, but nevertheless very gentle.

– You can order a complete skin care kit for your skin type here.

And just before I finish, I need to attach a small comment to your question about your The Body Shop products.

The Body Shop products contain all sorts of perfumes, in order to have the powerful fragrance the products are known for. Likewise, the products also contain incredibly high amounts of color so that the creams can have their beautiful pang colors. So, I really can not recommend you to use The Body Shop products as they contain lots of color and perfume that irritate the skin. Additionally, you should not use tea tree oil as a regular part of your daily skin care … it’s a really harsh product for the skin …

I hope I have answered your questions. :)

– Click if you want to know more about skin care and treatment of acne, pimples and unclean skin.

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