Perioral Dermatitis: Rashes and red spots around the mouth

Rashes and red spots on your face or around your mouth is really annoying. Learn more about Perioral Dermatitis and how to treat it here!

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Question: “Perioral Dermatitis: Rashes and red spots around the mouth”

Hi Mads

I am really plagued with a lot of red bumps on and around the mouth. It almost looks like a rash that I have on the lips.

I am reasonably certain that it is not acne. I don’t experience the problem in other parts of the face. It is only around the mouth, I have these red bumps.

I have tried to google it a little and I think I have found out that it might be Perioral Dermatitis. Maybe you know it?

Anyway, I really like to hear if you have any advice for me, so I can avoid those red bumps around the mouth. Do you know of any treatment for rashes and red bumps around the mouth? I would be very grateful if you could help me to get rid of Perioral Dermatitis and to get a nice skin once again.

I am 32 years and I have otherwise a very nice skin. I exercise regularly and I’m always biking to and for work and I’m eating healthy.

Hope you can help :-D

Thank you, Mia

Answer to: “Perioral Dermatitis: Rashes and red spots around the mouth”

Hello Mia

Perioral dermatitis is a skin disease that gives small red bumps around the mouth. In a very few situations – here we are talking really rare cases – the red buds can also appear around the eyes and nostrils. But in general the Perioral Dermatitis only occurs around the mouth as small red bumps.

Or as you also describe the rash around the mouth. The buds are not particularly high and is quite tough. In many ways, Perioral Dermatitis has reminiscent of a burn from the sun.

It is usually women who are affected by the skin disorder Perioral Dermatitis. And usually women aged 20 to 45 years suffer from Perioral Dermatitis, but Perioral Dermatitis can also affect children, men or older people.

The disease Perioral Dermatitis is completely harmless, but it is of course fairly irritating. There is hardly anyone who likes to walk around with eczema-like skin around the mouth – or a lot of small red bumps around the mouth.

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The reason why you suddenly get red bumps on your mouth – Perioral Dermatitis – is unknown. And it’s not an area that has been researched very much in. The reason there is not a lot of research about Perioral Dermatitis is probably that it is a purely cosmetic problem – the skin disorder is really completely harmless. Very few people are troubled by it and other then skin problems like tender, red and irritated skin, then Perioral Dermatitis is relatively easy to cover with makeup.

Although the cause of Perioral Dermatitis is not known, there are signs that many are experiencing outbreaks after using face creams and drugs with corticosteroids. But It is not the only factor that can cause red bumps on your mouth.

Cosmetics, sunlight, hormonal imbalance are also known factors that may be influential.


The symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis is rash around the mouth with small red bumps of about 1-2 mm. So really small buds. The more buds, the more similar Perioral Dermatitis looks like rash and eczema. But it is not! Perioral dermatitis are just small red bumps.

Many mistakenly believe that Perioral Dermatitis is just small pimples and confuse common acne with Perioral Dermatitis. The buds can also be easily confused with a pimple. Especially whiteheads and blackheads might resemble these small red bumps that are Perioral Dermatitis.

But where pimples usually is found in the face and elsewhere on the body, Perioral Dermatitis only occurs around the mouth.

If you have Perioral Dermatitis the skin is often very dry and tight. Many also experience a slight burning sensation in the skin, but most people does not feel the skin disorder at all – they are only able to see the many small buds.

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A doctor will be able to diagnose the disease by simply taking a look at the skin. Therefore, I would definitely recommend you to consult your doctor and get 100% establish that your case is Perioral dermatitis.

Alternatively, you are also very welcome to send me a photo of the skin around your mouth. Please take the picture in natural daylight, so I can clearly see the red buds. Then I can also quickly determine whether its a case of acne or Perioral Dermatitis.

Depending on whether it is acne or Perioral Dermatitis treatments is different, which brings us to the next point. And what you actually asked about, how do you treat Perioral Dermatitis.


Depending on how serious you are plagued by Perioral Dermatitis, then there are various treatment methods. Much can be done at home, to reduce the red buds. Other treatments of Perioral Dermatitis requires you to go to a doctor and have prescription drugs and antibiotics, which can help to remove the red pimple-like bumps around your mouth.

However, it is only in the really severe cases, that you should start on medication and antibiotics. The vast majority of Perioral Dermatitis cases can be easily treated at home, with the right knowledge.

In relation to the treatment of Perioral Dermatitis and removal of red bumps on your mouth, then you should first and foremost avoid using cosmetics, harsh cleansers and products with adrenocortical hormone.

Another good advice is to make sure to minimize all forms of skin irritation. Always avoid getting toothpaste on the skin when you brush your teeth. Avoid oily skin care products. Avoid perfumes in lip balms, shampoos and sprays of perfume in and near the face. Avoid smoking.

Generally be really aware of not getting something on the skin around the mouth, which can cause skin irritation.

For mild symptoms may only it to avoid irritation of the skin be enough to remove the red buds of the mouth.

In some more serious cases of Perioral Dermatitis it can be necessarily for a period to get local treatment of the area at the mouth with mentronidazole cream.

Further, it may be a good idea, to treat the skin with salicylic acid (also known as Beta Hydroxy Acid / BHA) because salicylic acid is soothing to the skin. Exactly like salicylic acid will help to deep clean the skin and remove the bacteria that create these red bumps.

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If the above treatment is not sufficient, then you need to seek help from your doctor and be treated with antibiotics. Treatment will usually be with Tetracycline in tablet form in 2-6 months.

However, it is very few cases of Perioral Dermatitis, which requires antibiotics. Most cases can be easily treated with Salicylic acid and by removing everything that is irritating the skin. And a very good product with salicylic acid is precisely Perfect Skin Power Treat, which quickly remove red bumps on your mouth.

The vast majority – the more common cases of Perioral Dermatitis – is experiencing a really good improvement in their skin within just a few weeks of use with Perfect Skin Power Treat.

Unfortunately, the skin disorder Perioral Dermatitis will generally return. This can be avoided with a daily use of Perfect Skin Power Treat – and of course, if you continue to avoid irritating the skin on your face.

A good advice to avoid relapse is to change your makeup brand, avoid all kinds of products with corticosteroids and always treat the skin with gentle skin care products without perfumes, no dyes and other skin irritating ingredients.

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Removing red spots and bumps around mouth

As mentioned before, unless you suffer severely from perioral dermatitis, you will often experience very good results by treating your skin better on a daily basis. Treating your skin with care will often make most skin-problems go away, and reduce the risk of future problems.

Therefore, you will now receive some tips on how to treat your skin right. In this way, you will hopefully, and likely, get rid of the red sports and bumps around your mouth, and prevent them from coming back, provided you keep treating your skin with care.

Remember, that it is very important that you avoid using any products or treatment that irritates your skin in any way. It will only make everything worse!

If you suffer from severe perioral dermatitis, the only way to handle it is to visit your doctor! Remember that perioral dermatitis is a skin disease, and not just a pimple or blackhead. Therefore, you need to take it seriously, if the outbreak is bad.

If you’re in doubt, go visit your doctor anyway, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Tips for better treatment of red spots and bumps around the mouth

  • Skin care shouldn’t hurt in any way
    Many types of skin care tend to have some kind of painful or uncomfortable feeling when applied. This is not ideal at all!If your skin care burns, stings, cools or warms your skin, something is not right! If you experience any of these feelings when applying your skincare, the product is most likely way too harsh for your skin.

    Remember, skin care is supposed to be an enjoyable experience!

  • Choose skin care without fragrance and colorants
    It’s generally a good idea to stay away from skin care products that contain fragrance and/or colorants. Many peoples skin will not respond very well to fragrance and colorants, and you risk getting allergic!You should also avoid ingredients like menthol, mint, citrus, essential oils etc.
  • Pick a product with a long ingredient list
    It is always a good idea to choose a skin care product with a long ingredient list. The more vitamins the product contains, the more it will strengthen your skin.If you choose a skin care product with a long ingredient list, containing a lot of vitamins, your skin will benefit from several vitamin-sources instead of just one or two. Remember, the ingredients must be healthy for your skin.
  • Focus on just one skincare routine
    Water and soap alone is too simple, and won’t work. On the other hand, 8-12 different products morning and night is too much. 2-3 products in the morning and 3-4 at night are more than enough. When it comes to skincare, quality is way better than quantity.
  • Forget masks, scrubs, and monthly treatments
    Choose skin care that cares for and treats your skin daily – this way you’ll get the most effective treatment, both now and in the future.

6 treatments of red spots and bumps around the mouth you should avoid

  1. Water and soap
    The fact that water and soap can solve your skin problems is a very common misunderstanding. Water and soap are simply not enough! Perioral dermatitis, pimples, blackheads or acne will not disappear by simply washing your face with water and soap. Actually, it might even make it worse by irritating your skin.
  2.  Harsh treatments
    Many people choose to use very hard treatments if they experience an outburst of impurities in the skin. This is not the way to solve your skin problems!Harsh skin care products will most often only make the condition worse. This means that you should stay away from skin care products with alcohol, deep cleansing, scrubs or similar harsh products.
  3.  Deep cleansing
    Many believe that deep cleasing is the most effective way to treat skin problems. I’m afraid that this I very far from the truth. Deep cleansing is neither a good or necessary cure. Actually, it’s not possible to deep cleanse your skin. All impurities and general skin problems a problem in the surface of your skin, and should be treated accordingly.

  4.  Expensive salon treatments
    Many believe that salon treatments are the best possible treatments and that it’s more effective than daily “home care”. It is not! It’s way more expensive and nothing more than a quick fix. If you want your skin to get healthy, and keep it that way, you need to start treating your skin on a daily basis.
  5.  The more products, the better the treatment
    Another common mistake is believing that many products mean a better result. Once again, it doesn’t! Especially not if you are suffering from Perioral dermatitis, where your main focus should be nourishing your skin without irritating it in any way!Keep it simple, and focus on quality rather than quantity.
  6.  Miracle Cures
    When it comes to skincare, there is no such thing as a miracle quick fix. Keeping your skin healthy is no different than keeping the rest of your body healthy. It requires daily treatment and effort, not shortcuts and quick fixes.

Hope it was the answer to your question. And I hope you can use my guide, so you can quickly get rid of these frustrating red bumps around your mouth.

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