How do you avoid pimples on your back?

Back acne and pimples on the back is annoying, especially in the summer! Learn how to treat and get rid of back acne and pimples here.

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Question: โ€œHow do you avoid pimples on your back?โ€

Hey Mads

What skin care products can I use to remove pimples on my back?

I have a lot of pimples on my back and just want to have them removed, as I have removed my pimples in the face with your beautiful skin care products fromย Danish Skin Care.

Would be super nice if I could just use the same products on the back also. I’m really happy withย Danish Skin Care products! Have tried tons of skin care products and never tried a skin care product that works so extremely well as yours.

Many thanks for the development of your products :-D

But can I use Danish Skin Care products to remove pimples on my back?

Would be really cool if you might also give me some advice on how I avoid pimples on my back. I don’t always have pimples on my back, but sometimes I got 5-7 pimples on my back.

It could be great if I could completely avoid pimples on my back :-)

I think I live a pretty healthy life. I practice cross-fit, so I practice a lot and eat healthy foods. I almost never eat cake, candy or fast food – it seems like I have mastered that part of skin care :-)

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Answer to: โ€œHow do you avoid pimples on your back?โ€

Hi Astrid

Thanks for your sweet words! :-D Great to hear that you are fond of my skin care products. Iโ€™m really happy about all of them! And great you are finally free from pimples on your face and great to know that I am helping you with my skin care products, and Iโ€™m daily helping a lot people to avoid pimples. :-)

Let me start by saying that Danish Skin Care products can also be used to treat pimples on the back!

I have actually just just written a reply to Mathias on a similar letterbox question, check it out straight away โ€“ so you get the guide on how to treat pimples on your back:

โ€“ Quick treatment for pimples on your back. Free guide on how to remove pimples

And now let us take a closer look on how to avoid pimples on your back.

There is a whole raft of things that you can already start doing so you do not get pimples on your back and shoulders. Hereโ€™s my advice:


First of all I would just point out that it is super cool that you train and eat healthy. That you come up and sweat definitely helps to excrete waste products from the body โ€“ the negative aspects of training we will be coming straight back to ;-)

And that you are eating healthy is also super! A healthy diet certainly helps to treat your skin properly and will help to eliminate pimples. Sugar and fast food creates lots of stress in the body and this stress can cause pimples.

However, some food, which many think is healthy โ€“ cause pimples. These we will also get straight back to, letโ€™s start with the guide on how to avoid pimples:


Make sure your clothes are clean. Athletic apparel and sportswear should be washed after use since you are leaving bacteria on your clothes when you sweat. Always use new and clean workout clothes when you exercise!

Shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, bras and other garments which are in contact with your body must also be kept clean. It may be obvious โ€“ and it is something most people has probably mastered, but now Iโ€™ve mentioned it :-)

Bedding is another matter altogether. MANY forget to wash their linens and bedding on a regular basis. And it is actually pretty stupid! There is an enormous amount of bacteria in linens and bedding. Plus we are getting comfortable under the bedclothes and make it nice and warm โ€“ its a ideal place for bacteria to grow.

Linens, towels and other textiles that are in contact with your body should be washed regularly. Bedding should be washed at least once a week!


Now you Crossfit, which is very similar to weight training โ€“ and maybe you have experienced to get more pimples after starting with Crossfit. There may be several reasons for this, and it is not necessarily the actual exercise.

Maybe you started eating differently after starting to exercise. And you for instance started using protein powders or other supplements, it may be these supplements, which plays a role.

In particular, you should be aware that many protein powders are based on whey protein โ€“ whey protein, milk and dairy products can cause pimples. So choose vegetable protein powder.

Also, be sure ALWAYS to exercise in clean training clothes. Plus be sure to always get in the shower after workouts and wash the sweat away as old sweat can cause pimples.

In connection with strength and Crossfit is further a number of side effect that can cause acne on your back or elsewhere. Heavy weight training and hard training, namely increasing concentrations of the male hormone testosterone, and it can actually cause more pimples.


Milk is a proven cause to pimples! It is proven in a 2005 study from Harvard University in the United States that there is a link between drinking milk and developing acne.

So even though you might think that milk is healthy for you. Perhaps you have learned that milk is necessary for us. And maybe you think that milk on oatmeal is a beneficial diet after exercise. Maybe you eat curds or sour milk, to be satiated after exercise.

I would strongly recommend you to stop eating dairy products on a daily basis!


I have created a free course where I tutor on how toย treat pimples. I tell a lot more about why you get pimples. I tell what food gives pimples. And I will teach you how to treat pimples.

Learn how to treat pimples. And get a FREE GUIDE on how to remove pimples

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