Hormonal pimples and skin problems

Hormonal changes or hormonal imbalances can cause skin problems like acne, pimples and blemished skin! But don't worry we know how to help!

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Question: “Hormonal pimples and skin problems”

Hey Mads

I’m one of those girls who always had nice skin – even without doing anything special. However, it has changed after I got a hormone spiral. Subsequently, I began to get very unclean skin. The impurities are both in the face, which I can live with as it is more “normal”, as well as on the chest and shoulders. The latter is a great nuisance, because I only feel like I can go around in high-necked sweaters and dresses, as the impurities are so large and visible that I can’t properly cover them with make-up.

At first, I assumed that the outbreaks would disappear after a short period until the body had getting used to the spiral, but I now have to acknowledge after a year and a half that this is not the case.

So I really want to know if you think your products can help even if the impurities are hormonally conditioned? I have so far used Kiehls products, which I was very pleased about in the beginning. However, the effect began to stop after a few months of use. I have to admit that I am one of the skeptical readers who do not believe in hocus-pocus effects after studying biochemistry. Having said that, I would like to hear your answer.

Do you think your products could help against my impurities on my chest? If so, what products and which routine would you recommend? It should perhaps be mentioned that I tend to have very oily skin on the face, which also occurred after I got the hormone spiral.

Yours sincerely

Answer to: “Hormonal pimples and skin problems”

Hi Camilla

I am so sad to hear about your sudden problems with your skin – it’s never fun.

However, Danish Skin Care products will always help. And I can tell you that the vast majority of acne cases are due to hormones …

The easiest thing is of course always to stop what cause the hormonal imbalance – but yes, it may be difficult … Someone experiences the imbalance due to medicine, they need to take … others experience the hormonal imbalance due to age (teenagers) … and many women experience hormonal imbalance associated with menstruation.

So we can not always change our hormones or hormone changes – but good skin care can help reduce the symptoms caused by hormonal changes.

– Read more about acne, pimples and birth control pills here

A pimples does not appear from day to day, but is 5-7 days under development (below the skin) before they are seen on the skin … Danish Skin Care products help to “kill” and fight the pimple while the pimples is still small and haven’t appeared on the skin’s surface …

In fact, with the Danish Skin Care products, we do not focus much on the outer pimples. They disappear by themselves within a few days :-) Outside, we focus much more on repairing the damage that a pimple does on the skin – the healing of the skin and the removal of red marks and scratches on the skin :-)

So yes, hormonal breakouts can certainly be remedied with Danish Skin Care products – and I am sure you will be extremely pleased to get started with the products.

– You can order a complete skin care kit for your skin type here.

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