Keratosis Pilaris and Salicylic Acid

Keratosis Pilaris is a widespread and annoying skin disorder! But stop scratching! Let's guide you to the best skin care and treatment.

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Question: “Keratosis Pilaris and Salicylic Acid”

Hello Mads and Danish Skin Care

I hope this mail finds its way to Mads or one who is as much expert in beautiful skin as he is! ;-D

My name is Rie, I’m a 28-year-old girl. I have some really annoying skin problems! I have researched a lot about my skin problem but I hope you can help me find the right cure!

I have a really bad case of keratosis pilaris. As far as I know, it is a state where the skin renewal process stops before it has separated all the waste materials (I believe its called keratin), which therefore accumulates in the hair follicles. It turns into red-horned buds, which are neither pretty looking nor nice to touch. I can see you have written a little about keratosis pilaris in connection with your Perfect Skin Power Treat, which I’m also extremely excited about. I fact I use the product virtually on my whole body, because I hope it can help a little better, than the hormone cream my doctor has recommended. But the hormone cream cause my skin to become thin, gives stretch marks and poor skin quality, so it is not a lifetime solution.

It may sound a bit pathetic, but I think it is so frustrating to read that no one research or develop treatments for keratosis pilaris, just because it is neither harmful or contagious – it is purely cosmetic, but is pimples and unclean skin not a purely cosmetic problem?

I do not think I am alone about feeling and think as I do. It degrades in a way, my and most likely other people’s quality of life! To be met with comments such as “what are those ugly buds?”, “are those pimples?”, “are you freezing?”, “why do you have such red buds all over your thighs?” “they are disgusting!” some even become scared when they see that my stomach is covered with small red bumps. What do you do? You get sad, try to ignore it, sweep people’s stupid comments out of the way or do one of the things you really shouldn’t do, but most of us do – we hide in long pants in summer and preferably long-sleeved sweaters unless it is over 30 degrees, and hope nobody notice your skin problems, if you have dared to moved out in shorts.

I myself have searched a lot about keratosis pilaris on the web in search after treatments and I can see that it is best treated by chemically breaking the buds down with fruit acid, lactic acid or salicylic acid. For me, salicylic acid has had the best effect (in addition to the hormone creams).

I have long thought about finding/making a cure – but as a buyer at a large clothing company Bestseller, then I am probably not the one who finds the cure, but I can still try to influence the reliable brands like yourselves, and your product development …. :)

I know I’m not the only one who feels and suffer the same as me. It is said that 50% of the Danish population suffer from Keratosis Pilaris to a greater or lesser extent (even Madonna suffers from Keratosis Pilaris) Some has it on their cheeks, others on the back or the upper arm – others like me are largely covered by it on the whole body except for the face. I never think we’ll get rid of it, the disease loves our dry cold climate here in the north, where we also tend to have dry skin, which makes it all the worse. In addition, it is proven that it is inheritable.

Well, long introduction to my real questions. I really hope you are still reading…

Here comes my questions …

1. Have you considered developing a smooth skincare treatment for the body in a larger bottle? You don’t get far with 100ml when you use it on the entire body.

2. Have you considered whether a higher concentration of salicylic acid could help bring this suffering to an end? I think that the skin on the body can withstand more harsher concentrations than the delicate skin on the face. But that’s just my logic, it is you who are the experts.

I have to admit that I would not only be the most happy and your first customer if you did something like this, but I would tell everyone I could find that there finally is a product on the market that can help end their suffering.

If that’s something you want to consider, I’d love to test it for you or help in any way I can!

I hope you will consider this very long product development proposal.

If you have any questions just contact me by email or phone. :-D

Best wishes

Answer to: “Keratosis Pilaris and Salicylic Acid”

Hi Rie

Thank you very much for your email and your question – it is so nice to hear that you are happy with my skin care series and my skin care products! :-D

And I am incredibly sorry to hear that you’re struggling with Keratoris pilaris. It’s definitely not a fun skin condition, and you really describe what I think many feels!

I you are absolutely right! It is COMPLETELY absurd that there hasn’t been done more research in keratosis pilaris. The reason is sadly (as you also mentioned) that it is a cosmetic skin disorder and that is the reason why there is so little focus on it. You are right, acne is also cosmetic, but it affects a lot more people – and often for a lot longer time.

But now to my first good news about keratosis pilaris. So many – especially women grows from keratosis pilaris. Not that it’s hardly any comfort for you now, but it creates a little hope. I hope :-)

It is sadly different with acne. It often something you suffer from for a long time and acne also leaves a lot of scars on the skin.

Anyway. It should not be a competition between acne and Keratosis Pilaris. I think we can all agree that both skin conditions is tremendously frustrating to be plagued by.

In relation to your question, Danish Skin Care has actually already a product for the body against Keratosis Pilaris – and of course it contains salicylic acid, which is actually the best ingredient for combating Keratosis Pilaris!

Hormone Creams or bag balm us just not the way forward – but it has a good effect, especially when you are heavily plagued by keratosis pilaris.

Of cause you can use Perfect Skin Power Treat on the body, but I would recommend you use “Amazing Body Lotion”, which is Danish Skin Care’s body lotion. It contains salicylic acid, like Perfect Skin Power Treat and is FANTASTIC against Keratosis Pilaris.

In addition, the Amazin Body Lotion has a variety of moisturizing ingredients, so you actually do not need to any other cream – that you otherwise would if you only used Perfect Skin Power Treat.

Amazing Body Lotion includes both salicylic acid treatment and moisture to the body :-)

I’m sure you’ll be happy to get started with Amazing Body Lotion.

– You can order Amazing Body Lotion to fight Keratosis Pilaris here:

But about higher concentration of salicylic acid, I obviously understand your point of view. But it is just not the case that because something is good – then more is not necessarily better. A higher concentration of salicylic acid will actually directly oppose the positive effect and it will no longer be soothing to the skin. Nor will a higher concentration of salicylic acid help to clean the skin and thus fight the keratosis Pilaris.

In fact, a higher concentration of salicylic acid will make a product with salicylic acid directly harmful to the skin.

Think of it a bit like strawberries. Strawberries are really super healthy for us – they contain plenty of antioxidants and many other healthy things for us. But we also get a REAL stomach ache if we ate several kilos of strawberry at once … :-)

I really hope you will love Amazing Body Lotion :-)

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