Salt water and sun protection

Summer = lots of sun and fun on the beach! But how do you best protect your skin? With our information, you can have fun and stay sunny!

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Question: “Salt water and sun protection”

Hey Mads

I want to hear you opinion about cheap skincare. Of cause, I know that you probably want to “sell” me your products, but i am a student and very poor. :-( So do you have any suggestions for cheap products that you can recommend?

I would also like to hear what your attitude towards salt water (ie sea water and beach water) is. I’m going on holiday this summer, and if you say it’s best that I hide under an umbrella it’s okay.

Sincerely, Tanja

Answer to: “Salt water and sun protection”

Hello Tanja

Thank you for your question – and thanks for following Danish Skin Care :-)

… and of course I would like to help you with your skin and skin care questions :-D

However, I must say – I am a little sorry about the comment: “Of cause, I know that you probably want to “sell” me your products“!

Actually I would love to recommend other skincare brands – my mission is definitely to help you and many others to get a beautiful skin :-D Just as I have solved my skin problem and fought my acne! Today I can happily say that I dont suffer from skin problems and pimples any longer! :-) AND it’s amazing :-D

But my big dilemma is that I find it difficult to highlight or recommend any special brands. Of course there are lots of brands with a lot of good ingredients, but unfortunately, I often experience that the products often include one or more bad ingredients – And I do not want to recommend a skin care product if they contain bad ingredients!

Or rather, if I should recommend another brand, then I need to know that it is at least as good as my own skincare products from Danish Skin Care! I do not want to be the reason why you experience problems with your skin or you get skin problems or get pimples because of my recommendations! :-(

It is also the reason why I chose to develop my own products at the time – it was simply not possible for me to find products that actually worked and cured my skin problems! :-S

I can easily recommend you products from Neutral or Derma – they are both brands, which have a strong focus on removing harmful ingredients. Exactly as I obviously do with Danish Skin Care – therefore, all Danish Skin Care products are 100% free from perfumes, dyes and harmful ingredients!

The problem is just that both brands, forget to add good ingredients – so you may get a cheaper product, but they do not give the desired effect :-S But you could definitely use Derma or Neutral – but do not expect anti-aging, treatment or repairing of skin problems – and you will not be able to solve any acne problem or any other skin problem for that matter …

With regard to salt water – then I would just quickly interject WAUW! It is super nice that you are going on a holiday … FANTASTIC! :-D I am sure you’ve earned it after a hard year of study :-D And of course you have to take a dip in the water – holidays is all about having fun and enjoying yourself :-D

Just be sure to wash the salt water off your body – at some beaches showers have been built on beaches for the same reason … and of course, its really important to re-lubricate sunscreen on your skin to protect your it as best as possible :-)

To answer your question more precisely, salt water is not good for the skin. You probably know that salt removes moisture and it can make the skin dry out – so your skin are not happy about salt, salt water and water with salt.

But of course, DO NOT HESITATE to take a dip in the water during the summer! :-D

Just be sure to wash the salt water of you again – and be sure to wash with a mild cleanser, right after you are done with being on the beach. :-)

And I’ll repeat again! – Remember the sunscreen after every trip in the waves or after bathing. Even if you just take a quick dip to cool the body in the summer heat, sunscreen is really IMPORTANT!

In addition, I can just add that there is no such thing as waterproof sun cream. There are creams that may appear as if they are on the skin because of the oil. But you wash the sun protection factor and the sun protection off your skin when you shower or take a dip in the ocean – even when you sweat, the sun protection factor and sun protection disappear too.

You can also read more about what your sunscreen should contain, as well as learn what sun protection factor you should use against the sun’s harmful rays, to avoid skin cancer and avoid the many skin problems that the sun causes here:

– Read more about skin care, sunscreen and sunscreen here.

So enjoy your vacation and enjoy a lot of swimming in the ocean! :-D

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