Serum or no serum in skincare?

The best skin care routine is all about simplicity and great ingredients But what products do you really need? Its actually pretty easy ;-D

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Question: “Serum or no serum in skincare?”

Hi Mads

I con not find any information on your side about serum. Are serums a necessary part of skincare or what do you recommend?

Best regards. 

Answer to: “Serum or no serum in skincare?”

Hi Signe

It is great that you want to get started with my Danish Skin Care products! I am pretty sure that you will be super happy about all of them – they really are some FANTASTIC products! ( If I have to say so myself ) :-D

And in relation to serum, it’s just one of the many things you save – with the Danish Skin Care skin care series.

With the Danish Skin Care series you do not have any need for serum, masks, boosters, etc, etc. It’s all incorporated in the series.

So choosing the Danish Skin Care kit saves you both the money because you don’t have to purchase extra unneeded products, but perhaps more importantly, it is also saving you a lot of time, because you dont have to stay in front of the mirror all day! :-D Our products is all about giving you a beautiful skin, so you can enjoy life with your family and friends!

The mission with the Danish Skin Care skin care series has originally been to create a series that is super easy to use and at the same time be super efficient. I never compromise on quality and results, despite collecting more products in one … But yes, I just prefer to live life somewhere else than in front of the mirror with several layers of masks and serum every week! :-)

In particular, I was hugely frustrated about always thinking of skin care and planning my next mask, scrubbing, etc. For me, it did not work at all and it was actually really stressful, to plan my any masks every 2 days and others every 3 days and others 1 time a week.

So with the Danish Skin Care series you do not have to use serums, boosters and masks – and you can spend your time on what is important, having fun and enjoying your life :-D

You can even – and with good advantage – use the face creams, like eye cream. And thus save yet another step in your skin care routine. The face creams are so mild to the skin that it also works well as eye cream – and our creams give your skin all the things it need :-D

In addition, in a complete skin care kit from Danish Skin Care, you get both treatment, care and nutrition to the skin – but you also get plenty of anti-aging, antioxidants, sun protection and much more.

In short the Danish Skin Care series is a complete facial care series containing of only 4 products to care for your skin, optimally and perfect. 2 skin care in the morning and 3 products in the evening – you do not need anything else :-)

– You can order a complete skin care kit for your skin type here.

And get a fantastic easy and nice skin care routine, like this:


– Perfect Skin Face Wash – The Blue
– Perfect Skin Day Protector – The Orange


– Perfect Skin Face Wash – The Blue
– Perfect Skin Power Treat – The Red
– Perfect Skin Moisturizer – The Green

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