How do i treat scars after acne and pimples?

Finally you got rid of your acne and pimples, maybe because of Danish Skin Care? ;) But what about acne scars and redness? Lets us help you!

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Question: “How do i treat scars after acne and pimples?”


I’m in the situation that I’m looking for a cream that can treat some red scars I have after acne. But now I have seen another one of your products, and I do not know if I should choose Perfect Skin Power Treat or Perfect Skin Moisturizer? What benefits do I get from the different creams and which one should I choose when I just want to reduce the red scars? I hope you can help :)

Yours sincerely

Answer to: “How do i treat scars after acne and pimples?”

Hi Natascha

It is nice to hear that you want to get started with Danish Skin Care skincare products – and I would definitely like to help you choose the right products for you.

Without this just being an email, where I just recommend you both products – let me just tell you about the two different products you mention in you email:-)

You should definitely use Perfect Skin Power Treat! And if I only should recommend you just one of the products, then it would be this product. It contains salicylic acid and niacinamide, both ingredients are TREMENDOUSLY good at removing and reducing scars. In addition, Perfect Skin Power Treat contains a number of ingredients that reduce skin redness.

In relation to the treatment of scars, vitamin A is also one of the very big and really good ingredients! Vitamin A is brilliant for the treatment of scars, as Vitamin A helps reduce scarring while Vitamin A is TREMENDOUSLY good at taking care of the new skin that comes.

For example, if you get laser treatments, to remove scars, you will also have to treat the skin with vitamin A creams afterwards to rebuild and protect the new skin that emerges after a laser treatment.

However, vitamin A should not be put in a product with salicylic acid – and where salicylic acid should be at a pH of 3.64, vitamin A should preferably be at a skin neutral pH, so it has to to be in a cream :-)

And therefore I would actually recommend you both products so that you get the good effects from both products while removing the scar with salicylic acid – which salicylic acid is best at. And you get a really good boost of caring for the new skin that appears, which the cream full of vitamin A and other brilliant ingredients.

So overall you can see it like this:

Perfect Skin Power Treat with Salicylic Acid – Removes the scar and makes the new skin appear.

Perfect Skin Moisturizer with vitamin A – protects the new skin and helps the skin to heal faster.

In addition, it is important to care for the new skin that is created, so that you do not just create new problems over the old scars. One of the most important things to be aware of is protecting your skin from the sun, so you should definitely make sure that you use products with sunscreen – even if the sun is not shining and it’s not summer.

Perfect Skin Day Protector is a day cream that contains sunscreen – so while you get vitamin A and other protective ingredients, you also protect your skin against the sun’s harmful rays.

Do you want the absolute best effect of the products. And, of course, see the quickest results, you should make sure your skin is cleaned and prepared before using Perfect Skin Power Treat and Perfect Skin Day Protector.

To optimally remove dirt, bacteria and other harmful things for the skin skin without creating new problems, wash your face with a mild face wash in the morning and evening. It would be beneficial to choose Perfect Skin Face Wash.

And on top of that, you should not constantly use sunscreen on the face, but allow the skin to rest and breathe optimally. So you shouldn’t use a day cream with sunscreen at night! But you should constantly treat and care the skin with vitamin A, so make sure to get a vitamin A night cream – and that is exactly what you get in Perfect Skin Moisturizer.

So you want to care for your skin optimally, best dull redness and quickest removal of scars – so I would definitely recommend you the entire Danish Skin Care series:

– Skincare for the treatment of scars after acne and pimples

I should also add that the Danish Skin Care skincare series while effectively treating your scars and soothing the redness of the skin, also adds a lot of anti-oxidants that will reduce wrinkles + you add a lot of good vitamins and minerals to your skin so you get a healthier and more beautiful skin :-)

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