What you need to know about Epiduo and acne treatments

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Question: “What you need to know about Epiduo and acne treatments”

Hi Mads

My daughter and I have seen your first video from The Danish Acne Cure – and it sounds almost too good to be true. My 12-year-old is affected by acne, and recently her doctor prescribed “Epiduo” which only made the skin problem on true hell! The skin became more red it was burning. So we immediately stopped using Epiduo!

Now we are thinking about buying your skin care products – but I just have to ask you if there are any side effects we should be scarred of? The acid “fuss” sounds a bit scary and unhealthy, and isn’t it too harsh for the skin? And what about hormones? 

I’ve watched the first video – how do we access the next video?


Answer to: “What you need to know about Epiduo and acne treatments”

Hi Rikke

Its FANTASTIC that you’re following The Danish Acne Cure and have already seen the first movie – and I’m a BIT sad if what I am saying sounds “too good to be true” … that’s definitely not the point. :-D

On the contrary, I just want to tell you what it is you should be aware of and how you (or more precisely, your daughter) can nurture her skin carefully and thus get rid of her pimples. Because yes, I’ve really also tried a lot of REALLY harsh products and treatments on my skin, and none of it ever worked … at least nothing that I have experienced … other then making my skin hurt, red and irritated. And then its suddenly all about what is worst? My skin problems or the harsh treatments? :-(

And HELLO we live in the 21st-century … pimples and acne, shouldn’t really be something we have to go around and fight with. It’s really an area that has been extensively researched – and there is so much research that tells us how to get rid of acne, pimples and blemished skin. Oddly enough, a lot of people continue (the old mindset) and harsher and harsher products is produced and used … Even though its the totally opposite from what research has shown actually works! :-)

Hmmm … in regards to the side effect (and in continuation of “sounds almost too good to be true”) I do not know if I really dare to answer … hehe … but no, not really. Of course there is always the very small risk, as there is with everything, that you can not tolerate the advice I give in relation to diet etc … Allergies are very individual …. So if you are allergic to almonds, then you shouldn’t eat them, even if I’m big advocate for eating healthy and skin friendly almonds … hehe :-)

But let me stop joking a bit! NO there really is no side effects – and even if you think that salicylic acid sounds dangerous, it’s not. Salicylic acid is derived from a pine tree, and is actually quite natural :-) And in addition, it is a very good acid for cleansing the skin in depth, as salicylic acid is fat-soluble and can thus penetrate the skin’s pores and eliminate clogging. In addition, salicylic acid (as the only acid in skin care) is also soothing to the skin. Salicylic acid is also exfoliating, calming and deep-cleansing – and REALLY good at removing redness from the skin :-) So yes, even though the name Salicylic acid might sound dangerous … and it sounds even worse if I say Beta Hydroxy Acid … but it is indeed a super good and very gentle acid :-)

I can add that salicylic acid is actually super good for extremely delicate skin – just to confirm how gentle salicylic acid is … like salicylic acid is good for rosacea, which is also a skin condition where the skin requires very gentle treatment :-)

Compared to your “And What About Hormones” – I am not sure I quite understand your question, but I will nevertheless, try to answer it! Danish Skin Care products do not contain hormones! :-) The Danish Acne Cure does not cause hormonal imbalance but actually help to balance the hormones. :-) The treatment of pimples is exactly the same even if the reasons for them are different – and The Danish Acne Cure and my skin care products will help you daughter no matter what the reason for her pimples is! :-)

– Read more about Danish Skin Care’s attitude towards ingredients here.

Pewwww … It suddenly became a very long answer :-) I really hope you can use my guide :-D In addition, you have always been welcome to write to [email protected] – I will always try to help if you suffer from skin problems or just need some good advice on skin care products! :-D

Otherwise, I just want to say that you probably will be happy to see me in a few days when we send you the next video from The Danish Acne Cure! It will be sent directly to your email that you have signed up with … So yes, make sure to check your mail in a few days! :-D The next movie is going to deal with all the horrible things we eat, which cause skin problems – and what we can eat to remedy these problems! :-)

Have a super wonderful day! :-D

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