Pimples on the back: how do i remove pimples on my back?

All pimples are annoying also those on the back! But pimples are pimples and need the same treatment and skincare. Click & learn more here!

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Question: โ€œPimples on the back: how do i remove pimples on my back?โ€

Hi Mads

I have sucked all your advice’s and information to me. With regard to the products which I ordered, I have received them. I received them very quickly. A good service I must say.

I’ve been using the products for three weeks, some days I think they help better than others. However, I can already see that they have made a difference on my pimples. It is really nice! I think its only a matter of time before all my pimples has disappeared. Its is delightful seeing results! I have never experienced this before in this way :-)

It is just, that I also have pimples on my back and I hope you can help me, and tell me how I should treat the pimples on the back.

Do you have any advice on how I can deal with my back and get rid of all the pimples?

Furthermore, I would like to know about the treatment of pimples will work better if I completely exclude butter too. I’ve already dropped milk and think that butter is actually also a dairy product, right?

Yours sincerely


Answer to: โ€œPimples on the back: how do i remove pimples on my back?โ€

Hi Christina

It is great to hear that you are already well underway with your Danish Skin Care products โ€“ and thanks for your kind words :-)

Nice to know that you can use all the information I share. And super good to hear that you have already started to implement many of my adviceโ€™s in your everyday life :-D It will certainly help you greatly in treating your pimples, so you can quickly get rid of your pimples, and combat your acne and get a nice skin without pimples and blemishes :)

In comparison to the pimples on your back, then I would strongly recommend that you use yourย Danish Skin Care products.

Pimples are pimples! Andย the treatment of pimplesย are exactly the same whether it isย pimples on the backย orย pimples on the faceย :-)

And now you have already seen that the products works super well for the face โ€“ so start using them on the back so you quickly can get rid of your acne, pimples and blemishes on your back :-)

I would also just like to answer a similar question about the proper treatment of acne on the back. Thinking you could benefit from reading my reply to Morten how to get rid of pimples on your back:

โ€“ Avoid pimples on your back and treatment of pimples on your back

In relation to your question about butter, it is obviously a dairy product โ€“ and you should certainly exclude all dairy products because milk is the direct cause of pimples.

In any case, I recommend you to take 30 days, where you try it. Just to see if this trick works for you :-) 4 out of 5 that I recommend dropping milk are giving back positive feedback โ€“ so your chances are really great :-)

Of course it is hard to avoid dairy products entirely, but try to avoid milk completely in 30 days. Think of it a bit like a cleansing โ€“ or anti-dairy cure :-)

Just to see the result on your skin :-)

You can then easily start experimenting on whether you want to be fanatic or not. My recommendation is clear on this matter, you should never be fanatical, but when you experience a great result in compared to your pimples, then you will probably realize that milk is not good for you.

But because you eat a bun with butter once in a while โ€“ it will not spoil anything. It is the daily intake of milk, which is the major culprit :-)

Also check the following article linked below, where I mentioned why milk causes pimples. As I come up with tips to help you cover your calcium needs.

โ€“ Learn why milk cause pimples, acne and blemishes.

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