Scars on the cheeks - how do i remove scars?

Treating acne scars and red spots takes time, so sadly I can't give you a magic trick, but I can help you with advice and great skin care.

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Question: “Scars on the cheeks - how do i remove scars?”

Hey Mads

I’m very happy to have found your products!

I started on them after Christmas and my skin has become much nicer! I am almost never bothered by pimples on my cheeks anymore. It is unbelievable that it worked so well in just a few months! I am very excited and so happy:-)

But after having had a lot of pimples I’ve got red splotches / marks on my cheeks. I believe they are scars from pimples?

I use your Perfect Skin Power Treat on your cheeks both morning and evening ..

But do you have another advice on how to get rid of them?

It is so irritating that I can not go out of the door without the need to powder and a cover my skin.

I hope you can help me!


Answer to: “Scars on the cheeks - how do i remove scars?”

Hi Natasja

To hear that you have already removed your pimples after such a short time with Danish Skin Care skincare products is just fantastic! :-)

Continue with the products as you do now – and you should soon avoid getting pimples on your face entirely.

With regard to the red marks on your skin, it is definitely scars. The vast majority of people who have a pimple are experiencing scars on their face – why you will also encounter the term acne-scars.

However, scars are scars – whether they are scars from pimples, acne or skin damage. And therefore the treatment of scars and acne is also exactly the same.

But treatment of scars is a slow process. Treatment of scars depends on the depth of the scars but hopefully the scars and red marks in the skin from pimples and acne are usually very shallow scars. Thus, treatment of scars from pimples is relatively easy. Opposite very deep scars from wounds etc. which can take years to be treated – so scars from acne and pimples can often be removed within 3-8 months.

But treatment of scars from pimples takes time, even though the treatment is shorter than the very deep scars.

For the treatment of scars, there are different methods that work: laser treatment of scars and salicylic acid treatment.

You are already in the process of treating your scars with salicylic acid and my recommendation is that you simply continue with this.

Treatment of scars with salicylic acid is clearly the easiest solution. And the cheapest solution for treating scars is with salicylic acid (also called Beta Hydroxy Acid or BHA).

Perfect Skin Power Treat contains salicylic acid in exactly the right concentration and amount that the skin can have. So you can not really do more about your treatment other then patience yourself. And you should not increase your treatment as two daily treatments are max! Otherwise, you risk causing skin irritation, which may aggravate your skin and cause the acne to reappear.

In addition, with the treatment of your scars and red marks with Perfect Skin Power Treat, you can easily make it at home, which is always an advantage. Plus you can treat them daily, which will surely give you the fastest results – although you might think that more rigorous methods are better.

But think like this: what do you think is best to eat healthy once a month or every day?

You know it’s healthy for you to eat healthy everyday? :)

You do that with Perfect Skin Power TreatLaser treatment is equivalent to eating MEGA healthy once every three months.

In addition, with laser treatment of scars you will find that your skin becomes VERY red – just like when you get burned by the sun. And it’s also an expensive treatment …

So my recommendation is definitely to gather yourself with patience and enjoy the fact that you can hide your scars with makeup while at the same time treating your scars and making sure that your pimples don’t reappear:-)

Would you like to know more about Laser treatments, please check my laser treatment guide here:

– Remove scars with laser

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