Skincare products and treatment of sun damaged skin

Vacations, sun and fun is great in the summer! But did you know that the sun can actually create a lot of skin problems? Let us guide you!

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Question: “Skincare products and treatment of sun damaged skin”

Hey Mads

What do you think about the skincare products from Ole Henriksen and Murad? And what skincare do you recommend against sun damaged skin?


Answer to: “Skincare products and treatment of sun damaged skin”

Hi Louka

Uhhh … Ole is a beautiful and great man! I actually know him very well :-D And I really love his beautiful energy and view of life. Ole is really a wonderful person :-)

In relation to Ole Henriksen and Murad products, they have a different philosophy in relation to the development of their products. Ole Henriksen products focus very much on the well-being in skincare, whereas Murad products focus very much on the “tough” fight and quick results!

With Danish Skin Care, I focus on solving skin problems as quickly as possible, but without damaging the skin or creating other problems – For me and Danish Skin Care it is also important, that our products focus on several skin problems and a general good skin care. .. it is also important for me that our skincare routine must be simple, easy and straightforward to use … so you can use your life and time with friends, family and fun. Rather than standing in front of the mirror :-D I want people to enjoy life! And show off their beautiful skin to the entire world! :-D

Also, I create my skincare products – the Danish Skin Care products – on what research has actually shown works! :-D

With regard to sun damaged skin it is important first and foremost always to REMEMBER sunscreen so you do not aggravate your sun damage … I also recommend that you use a daily exfoliation with salicylic acid and creams with vitamins. The salicylic acid will remove the pigment damage and the a-vitamin will help to care for the new skin :-D

Actually I would like to recommend you to get started with the Danish Skin Care series – you’ll get both sun protection, salicylic acid treatment and you’ll get a-vitamin and lots of other delicious ingredients for your skin :-D

– Get a complete skin care kit for your skin type here.

Have a great and beautiful weekend! :-D

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