Sores after a visit to the cosmetologist

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Question: “Sores after a visit to the cosmetologist”

Hi Mads,

Do you know how many days – approximately – it will take for your skin to look nice again, after you’ve had whitehead removed manually?? I had it done on Tuesday while having a facial when she prodded a hole in them and then pressed them. It looked really bad the first couple of days and it’s better now, but I still have little spots/sores or whatever it is, and I’m nervous if she’s done it the wrong way :-(

All the best,

Answer to: “Sores after a visit to the cosmetologist”

Hi Anita,

I am so sorry to hear about your skin after the treatment at the cosmetologist. I remember the feeling like it was yesterday! You go to have your acne and whiteheads removed – and they are removed. And then, you go home with sores and redness on your face. What is best?

To be honest, the cosmetologist has been WAY too harsh with your skin. Redness, sores and irritation are absolutely not good signs. Use calming skincare products and choose a different cosmetologist for your next treatment!

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