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Soy milk and acne

AWAY with pimples, acne and blemished skin. Causes soy milk acne and pimples and should one avoid soy milk for pimples / acne? ANSWER is here!

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Question: “Soy milk and acne”

Hi mads timmermann..

I want to ask you something now that I’ve read your advice for acne. . I suffer a little bit from it, but I can see that you’ve written something about a diet plan where it says that you can’t eat or drink anything with milk. Is it the same for soy milk?

I’ll try and follow your advice for a month and see if it helps..thanks :-)


Answer to: “Soy milk and acne”

Hi Simone,

Thank you for your question about diet and acne.

In regards to removing dairy products from your diet, it also applies to animal products because of the high content of hormones. Soy milk is a really good alternative, but I would recommend you to switch between soy milk and almond milk for the sake of variation.

I wish you the best day and hope that you will have great skin!