Strictly Confidential: Just between the two of us!

Easy recipe for how to make a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato coffee at home. Free Starbucks Recipe without cow milk and rice milk

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Neither magicians nor master chefs reveal their tricks. But if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll give you my secret recipe for the World’s Best Coffee.

My inbox was completely stuffed after my post about my Guilty Pleasure (link to previous blog):
My absolute Favorite Super-YumYum-Coffee-Pampering: Hazelnut Macchiato with soy milk.

“Do I have to go to Starbucks then?!” all my Danish readers asked.

– I know that wasn’t really fair! Starbucks hasn’t exactly been flooding the Danish marked so far…

For a long time I only got to slurp the Wonderful Coffee-Dessert when abroad or at the airport. And I tell you it was the first thing I did having thrown my suitcase on the baggage carousel: UP & AWAY FOR COFFEE-LAND !!

Fortunately Starbuck have upped their game lately and opened several stores in Denmark. One neither needs passport nor flight ticket to get the Creamy Steaming Cup of Goodness anymore.


So I started experimenting in my kitchen. The original Starbucks recipe is TOP-secret of course, but I’m not one to back down. (Actually tried to sneak into a Starbucks kitchen once. Didn’t play out well. But that’s a different story)

It took a long time and a lot – A LOT! – failed attempts (apologies to my friends who were guinea pigs), but finally I hit the right taste.

And that’s what I want to share with you today. So you too can enjoy an Amazing and totally Indulgent Coffee-Dessert a la Mads.

– Just remember: Gotta stay between the two of us ;-)

Hazelnut Macchiato recipe a la Mads:

  • Heat a cup of rice milk – rice milk is easier to heat than soy milk.
  • Add Nescafe coffee. And don’t hold back… It’s good when it’s strong.
  • Add a spoonful of Hazelnut Syrup or just plain Maple Syrup.

YumYumYum :-D

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