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Oily skin should also be protected from the sun's harmful rays. Listen what Mads from Danish Skin Care advices about sun protection without cream

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Question: “Sun protection without crème”

Hi Mads,

I write to you because I’ve been having a problem for many years, as a person I’m the quiet type who’s rather cautious and prefer to do things myself. But I’ve chosen to give this a chance, because I think you seem like a very sympathetic person.

My skin has a tendency to becomes greasy a while after I come out of the shower. It always helps to wash my face with just water and using a towel afterwards. But it only lasts a couple of hours. Which is pretty annoying.

You wrote to somebody that “blackheads” are caused by because of over-active tallow glands. And it appears in exactly those areas which you mention, in my case primarily around my nose. A few on my forehead. But it’s primarily the excess grease that annoys me the most (on my nose and my forehead). (Oh, is it a problem to “press” the blackheads on my skin? – They disappear, but the skin stays greasy).

You recommend a product with “exfoliating AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid, for example lactic acid, glycolic acid) or BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid = salicylic acid) ingredients”.

My regular routine consists of cleansing my skin in the morning with a glycolic facial cleanser, which among other things contains vitamins A, C and E. Afterwards I don’t apply any crème. In the evening, I use the same cleanser, but then I apply a crème containing alpha hydroxyl acids AHA. The reason why I don’t apply any crème after cleansing in the morning is because my skin becomes even more greasy. Which means that I have another dilemma, because I don’t have any sunscreen on my face to protect me from the rays from the sun.

I do sports and I eat a lot of fruit, so I’m really starting from scratch.

Hope you have an idea of what I could do and maybe what I do wrong!


Answer to: “Sun protection without crème”

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your question – and I am so happy to see that you are paying attention to sun protection yourself! It really is very important!

The sun is responsible for a lot of the skin problem, we experience – like the sun, as you probably know very well can cause skin cancer and other serious skin disorder – which is why you should protect your skin from the damaging rays from the sun 365 days a year. That means sunscreen, which contain both UVA and UVB filters.

Regarding your situation where your skin is already producing a lot of moisture and you do not need additional moisture from crèmes (that generally contains sunscreen) – then I would simply recommend you to use a powder with sunscreen. A powder with sunscreen is at least s good to use as a crème with sunscreen – you are simply not adding moisture. Also, if you choose a powder with a matting effect that will also help you to control the “shine” in your skin.

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