Sunscreen and make-up

Sun protection is important and you can use sunscreen from sunscreen or makeup. Here are tips to use sunscreen and makeup together

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Question: “Sunscreen and make-up”

Hi Mads,

I have a question regarding sunscreen and make-up. I wear foundation and powder every day. But what do I do when I have to apply sunscreen? Should I avoid the make-up or is it ok if I don’t use sunscreen? I know that the sun is damaging to our skin. So I don’t really know what to do.

I hope you can help. Br,

Answer to: “Sunscreen and make-up”

Hi Simge,

Thank you so much for your very current question.

Sunscreen is important definitely and you should go all out with sun protection.

That means that you should use a crème during the day with sunscreen (have you seen my Perfect Skin Day Protector with sunscreen) and on top of the sunscreen you can use your foundation/powder with sunscreen.

This way you will have a little extra protection and you can apply extra sunscreen during the day.

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