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Supplements and acne

Which supplements should one take to remove pimples, blemishes and acne? Does supplements works for acne and impure skin?

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Question: “Supplements and acne”

Unfortunately, we have a hereditary acne problem in my family, and now it has affected my teenage daughter who is 15.

She’s getting by relatively well with good products and after a lot of experimenting we came across Basiron 5-10 %.

My question is now:

Do you know the products from Beaute Pacifique (the crème and the pill Life After 40)?

My daughter had a a skin analysis done for free by the company (done by doctor Uffe Gjede from Thisted), and she was recommended both a 5 month cure with Vitamin A and (until the referral to the dermatologist was ready) to use the Beaute Pacifique crème Booster 3 (which costs 1200 DKK for 100ml.). Some experience or advice in regards to this…???

Thanks in advance!

Vibeke (the “worried” mother)

Answer to: “Supplements and acne”

Thank you so much for your email. Please, give my regards to your daughter and let her know that I have sympathy for her!

Good, that your daughter has experienced a good result with Basiron. But I will strongly recommend her to use 5 %, since research has shown that 5 % kills bacteria as well as 10 %, it is just much less irritating.

Also, your daughter should not start using supplements like Life After 40. Teach her to have a healthy diet and help her to stay away completely from products made from cow’s milk. That should hopefully improve her acne.

I sincerely hope that your daughter will have beautiful skin and I wish you both all the best in the future.