Skin Care for treating Acne and Pimples

Acne occur when your skin produces to much oil that is getting mixed with dead skin cells and thereby clog your pores.

When your skin gets clog your skins natural bacteria (Propionibacterium aknes) multiply. To combat this bacterial growth your skins immune system begins to fight the inflammation. This is seen as a pimple on top of your skin.

Anything you can do to reduce and prevent overproduction of oil in your skin, remove dead skin cells and soothe and protect your skin will dramatically help reduce acne.

With Danish Skin Care you will effectively combat pimples and acne, without irritating or drying your skin.

Success story: Louise’s last chance, and last hope

I have since I was 12 years old struggled with very spotty skin both in the head and on his back. It inhibited me in so many things, like going out without make-up, and you could never see me a shirt with bare back!

So I had a lot of years now to try the myriad products that are out there. Has in the past been a beautician once a month to curb it a bit, which just led to some ugly scars on my cheeks.

I dare not think about how much money I have spent in the battle for blemished skin. So I think I speak for many when I say that we finally have given up a little, and thought “why should just this product help when no one else has done it?”.

Danish Skin Care was my last chance, and my last hope. So I’m just happy that it has really made a difference for me. And so on SO shortly! One could in just one month see a big difference is on my skin.

Must admit I’m not so good at using products at night, but despite my sometimes laziness, it helps anyway.

You do not feel one’s skin is wrapped in creams and is quite heavy for. One’s skin can still breathe and you feel not the one who greasiness or else as many other creams can provide.

You feel you do not damage your skin, but spoils the lot.

The products are easy to use, easy to take along on vacation, light, cheap, simple and then keep it in a really long time.

I would advise everyone to give their impure skin one last chance with Danish Skin Care, that neither you nor your skin regret 🙂

Louise Kieffer
Copenhagen, June 2012

Louise before and after Danish Skin Care products.