This is how you treat scars after tattoo removal

Did you get a tattoo removal and did the treatment create scars and skin damage? Then get the best skin care guide here and get a beautiful skin.

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Question: โ€œThis is how you treat scars after tattoo removal โ€

Hi Mads

I can only find descriptions on how to remove acnescars. I want to hear if you know anything about tattoos and how I get rid of scars after tattoo removal?


Answer to: โ€œThis is how you treat scars after tattoo removal โ€

Hi Ida

The treatment is actually the same โ€“ but youโ€™re actually right that itโ€™s not something Iโ€™m referring to on my website โ€“ Iโ€™d definitely try to talk a little more about tattoos and skin care. After all, there are more and more people who have scars and skin damage because of tattoo removal.

But, as I just said, the treatment is the same, whether it is treatment for scars from tattoo removal or scars from acne and pimples. Scars is scars โ€ฆ No matter how the scar is created! Itโ€™s skin that needs to be rebuilt. Salicylic acid is one of the absolute best ingredients when it comes to skin care and treatment of scars.

And therefore, I would strongly recommend you to get started with Perfect Skin Power Treat. Perfect Skin Power Treat contains salicylic acid, which is brilliant for combating scars created by a tattoo removal! :)

Use Perfect Skin Power Treat every day, maybe after a shower, then youโ€™ll effectively fight your scars โ€“ and quickly get a nice even skin without scars and skin damage! :-)

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To rebuild the skin and give it additional care, it would be super beneficial with a cream with vitamin A and vitamin E โ€“ and you would really benefit from using Perfect Skin Moisturizer after using Perfect Skin Power Treat.

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Now you do not say anything about where on your body your scar is โ€“ but if it is scarred skin that is often exposed to sunlight, you should use a sunscreen EVERY day. This is especially important during the summer when the sun is strongest โ€ฆ And here I strongly recommend you Perfect Skin Day Protector. It contains both vitamin A, vitamin E and sun protection in the form of both UVA and UVB sun filters, so you do not damage your skin โ€“ or make your scar even more visible.

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I hope you have an awesome day! :-)

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