The secret to looking great in pictures

Avoid dull skin, tired eyes and bad makeup on your pictures. This guide will show you the way to beautiful photos to Facebook etc.

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Author Mads Timmermann

Mads has 14+ years of experience as a skin expert and has written/read this article.

Tips and tricks for beautiful photos

Whether itโ€™s holiday snaps, party photos, model photos, or your photos posted on dating sites and Facebook, we all want to look GREAT in pictures. Right?

You can, of course, just have your images corrected in Photoshop. A trick that models of course do not useย  ;-)

You can also choose the more natural way and steal the secret here.

Here is your guide for the simple tricks to looking good in pictures. Here you go:

Be rested and schedule to be photographed later in the day

A fresh and rested face is a beautiful face! Get a decent nightโ€™s sleep before you have taken pictures. Be rested.

An additional tip is to have your pictures taken in the afternoon. This gives your skin time to โ€œrelaxโ€ after your morning shower and / or morning workout.

Bathe in lukewarm water

Avoid taking a tremendously hot and / or very cold bath. Heat and cold cause your blood vessels to become more apparent, which can make you look older.

Avoid alcohol the day before

If you are like most people, alcohol will make your skin look dull and lifeless, and your eyes look watery or red.

Therefore, avoid drinking alcohol at least 24 hours before you plan to have pictures taken.

Use a light powder โ€“ also you men!

Beautiful skin is clean skin, so do not use a lot of makeup. It will look artificial and unnatural.

Nevertheless, use a powder that matches your skin tone.

A light powder will help to cover up shiny skin, which is exaggerated by the photographerโ€™s lightin

Drop your foundation

Many women use a foundation under their makeup.

For photographs, you will have the most beautiful and natural results if you stick to your face cream and only use powder on top.

Turn up your eye makeup โ€“ does NOT apply to men!

Makeup disappears easily in pictures, so take special care with your eye makeup, so it appears clear and sharp.

Remember especially to use extra mascara so your eyes will stand out.

Know your beautiful side

We all have a side of our face that is more beautiful than the other.

If you do not know your best side, have pictures taken from both sides, so you can choose the best.

Avoid double chin

Make sure the camera is a little higher than your eyes so you have to tip your head up a bit.

Pull your tongue into the palate, since this will reduce double chin.

Wear neutral clothes

Modern designs and colors can be beautiful in your photos, but wearing trendy clothing will date your photo tremendously.

Good advice is: use classic but stylish clothes.

Remember also to determine what color looks best with your skin tone. A pink top can give an entirely different glow than a green shirt.

Practice in front of the mirror

It sounds so easy and simple, but itโ€™s not!

Itโ€™s really hard to pose in front of camera. Practice.ย  :-)

Practice makes perfect, so sit or stand in front of your mirror in the bathroom and try different poses and facial expressions.

Daylight is nice, but beware

If you must have taken pictures outside in natural daylight, be aware that strong sunlight will provide some severe shadows.

The trick here is to get your pictures taken during the afternoon when the sunโ€™s rays are not as sharp. Doing this will result in great pictures!

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