How do you treat pimples and acne on the back?

Pimples in all shapes and sizes are annoying! We really want to help you get rid of your pimples, also the annoying ones on you back! :)

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Question: “How do you treat pimples and acne on the back?”

Hi Mads 

How do I remove pimples on my back?

I hope you can help me! I am 18 years old and I’m really plagued with pimples on my back. They irritate me really much! I feel that my back is ugly and I never go with a strap jersey because I have so many pimples on my back and pimples on the shoulders.

I would love to get rid of my pimples on my back so I could go with strap shirts.

Thank you, Lise

Answer to: “How do you treat pimples and acne on the back?”

Hello Lise

I would very much like to help you so you can get rid of your pimples on your back! It will be my pleasure to help you to go with strap jerseys without being sorry about pimples on the shoulders and pimples on the back.

I personally know how enormously frustrating it is to have pimples and acne – which is also the whole reason why i founded Danish Skin Care. In my teenage years and into the start 20s I for myself fought violently with pimples on the face and pimples on the back.

At that time, I tried everything, I think. Pimples filled all my mind all the time. And at one time it was just too much! Nothing worked, so I decided I would look and know what acne is and how pimples can be removed.

… this is how Danish Skin Care began, very brief :-)

I had solved my own acne and trough Danish Skin Care and the development of my skincare series Danish Skin Care, I later had the pleasure of helping thousands of others who where plagued by pimples.

And I would really like to help you too!


Let’s start by looking at why you get pimples at all.

Why you get pimples on your back can not be said without me first and foremost emphasize that acne and pimples on your back is not in principle different from pimples on the face.

In other words, acne is acne – regardless of where on the body you get pimples.

And the reason you get pimples can be described much like this:

The reason you get pimples is that the body produces too much sebum, which clogs the pores of the skin. It causes inflammation which results in pimples.

It is not very comprehensive, but its exactly why we get pimples. The Skin pores is clogged with sebum and dead skin cells – when treating acne it is therefore important to keep the pores clean so sebum and oil can pass through. Exactly like the treatment of acne is about helping the skin to remove dead skin cells.

You cant stop the production of sebum – and it wouldn’t be beneficial, because sebum has many other good qualities. The skin fat that comes out through the skin pores, for example, makes sure to cool our bodies, protecting the skin and moisturizing the skin.

And we are getting rid of millions of dead skin cells every single day and can this cant be slowed. The skin constantly produce new skin cells, which are replacing the dead skin cells.

You can think of dead skin cells rather like batteries. When they are used, they can not be recharged, but they have to be removed – and then new ones are added, to protect the skin.

However, the important part is, that it is the clogging of skin pores that is the main cause of pimples – and it is also the cause of pimples on your back.

So the treatment of pimples on your back is about removing this blockage.

Treatment of pimples on your back is also about being treat without using oil – and we’ve just learned that sebum (also called oil or sebum) is clogging the skin by making plugs with dead skin cells.

So oil shouldn’t be used for treating pimples!

Perhaps you’ve heard that argan oil, jojoba oil or the like may remove pimples. It’s not true. Oil causes pimples.

And the treatment of acne on the back is also about removing dead skin cells – here we can use exfoliation where the salicylic acid is the absolute best exfoliation of the skin and deep cleansing of the skin, which in time will remove pimples.

And how pimples on your back is treated? I have just just made a guide for Mathias – in another mailbox. Want to learn exactly how to treat and remove pimples on your back best? Then I would recommend that you check the guide:

– This is how you remove pimples and avoid acne on your back.

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