Vitamin deficiency – line above the nose

Hi mads,

A couple of years ago, I started having a line above my nose, which has become more pronounced over the years. Could it be because of vitamin deficiency?

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Kristina Nielsen

Dear Kristina,

I thank you for the time you spent on my web site and for your question.

A line above the nose does not necessarily mean a deficiency of vitamins or minerals. If it is a dark or a lighter line, it is probably an error in the pigmentation in your skin. Changes in pigmentation can be caused by the damaging rays from the sun, which will destroy the normal protection system in your skin against UV rays (melanin), but hormones can also be a cause.

Protect your skin with sunscreen and use a crème with exfoliating/peeling ingredients (look for AHA/BHA).

For example, try Perfect Skin Day Protector and Perfect Skin Power Treat.

I hope you have a really lovely day.

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