Whiteheads: What should I do?

Whiteheads and impurities in the skin is just annoying. So let us guide you in the ups and downs of skincare treatments for whiteheads here!

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Question: “Whiteheads: What should I do?”

Hi :-)

I have always bought products for dry skin, since I have dry skin. But I have dry skin on the cheeks and a tendency to have oily/shiny skin on the forehead. I also have some little whiteheads on my forehead. (It has become better, but I really can not get rid of them) 

Should I try the other skin care series combination normal/oily skin instead? Could it give a better result on my forehead? 

I only got impurities on the forehead. I always have 5-6. Sometimes I can press the white out of them, but they just come right back again. I have used Danish Skin Care in half a year now and I simply can not get them to go completely away …. It makes me so sad. Otherwise I’m so happy for the products, but I sometimes experience some extra dryness in the winter cold. Anything I can do about the extra dryness? 

I use a serum from Clinique after the red bottle and before the cream. It is super good and I’m happy about it. It works very well :) But I’m just so tired about the whiteheads! Why do you get them? It is basically only a beautician who can remove them, I have tried that a few times, but after a while they come back, and that is despite I cleanse them all every day ….. 

Best regards Caroline

Answer to: “Whiteheads: What should I do?”

Hi Caroline

Super nice to hear that you are happy about your Danish Skin Care products – but of course I understand that you would like to get rid of all your impurities. And without being too negative, whiteheads are unfortunately some really small stubborn things to get totally rid of.

First and foremost, I would strongly advise against continuing the beautician treatments to remove whiteheads. Unfortunately, it is a waste of your money. A beautician can be really good at pressing blackheads, but it does not solve the problem. Blackheads occur far deeper in the skin and removing the exterior is merely cosmetic, which can easily be done yourself with a daily exfoliation / scrub / peeling. It could be really beneficial to use Perfect Skin Power Treat, which is a daily exfoliation.

Alternatively – and perhaps even more simple – just use a soft washcloth to massage your forehead with when you’re in the bath. It is very important here to emphasize that it MUST be a very soft washcloth and that you should not rub and scrub your forehead, but only massage the area with whiteheads gently. The friction if you aren’t gentle enough can cause irritation in the deeper layers of the skin, which can cause even more whiteheads, pimples and acne to appear.

This is also the reason why you shouldn’t use a dermaroller, face brush or other similar products in the face when you have whiteheads. You should never use a dermaroller on the face, since it is just tremendously irritating to the skin and can cause outbreaks of pimples and acne.

Now that you are already started with Perfect Skin Power Treat, which is just super good !!! It certainly helps! But you maybe need a little more treatment, to remove the whiteheads on your forehead – and here I would definitely recommend you to get yourself a very soft washcloth which you can take with you in the bath and use to massage the area with whiteheads. Wait with the washcloth until you have washed your hair and washed your body so that the facial skin has had time to be soften by the water – put a little face wash onto the cloth (like Perfect Skin Face Wash, which is a very mild face wash) and lightly massage the area with whiteheads.

This allows you to easily remove the outer whiteheads. Especially when you simultaneously use Perfect Skin Power Treat to nourish the skin – and therefore, you can quickly save a lot of money, rather than going to the beautician.

It is much harder to prevent new whiteheads from coming back. Whiteheads occur in the skin pores, due to an accumulation of dead skin cells. It is normal that the body daily expels hoards of dead skin cells, which is done through the skin’s pores – the problem arises when there is a “plug” in the skin pores. This can lead to pimples, acne, blemishes – and whiteheads.

And it is precisely this “plug” in the skin pores, which we need to solve and reduced before we can talk about how you actually treat whiteheads. In other words, you do not remove the problem by removing a whitehead. You only remove your whiteheads entirely when you focus on solving the problem that is causing the whiteheads to occur :-)

The absolute best treatment to avoid skin pores from becoming clogged. And the absolute best solution to ensure that your pores in the skin does not clog, so you get whiteheads. It is actually salicylic acid – also known as BHA, which is short for Beta Hydroxy Acid.

Salicylic acid is precisely the main ingredient in Perfect Skin Power Treat, along with niacinamide. Niacinamide which is also one of the good ingredients to treat whiteheads, like vitamin A is – the amount of vitamin A, that the skin should get is in the Perfect Skin Day Protector and in the Perfect Skin Moisturizer from Danish Skin Care.

So with the products form Danish Skin Care Series, you already get the very best ingredients for treating whiteheads – and for avoiding new whiteheads to appear. However, it takes time before you will see results. Primarily because whiteheads is a long time showing in the skin and secondly because the Danish Skin Care products just needs to reach in death with the whiteheads you have in the skin pores.

However, I would like to help you, to speed up the process, thus ensuring that you quickly stop getting new whiteheads. So while you continue using Perfect Skin Power Treat and as previously mentioned do the shower trick with the washcloth to remove the whiteheads on the outside of your skin. You should start using Perfect Skin Power Treat twice a day – so not just once a day, as you do now.

In the areas of your forehead where you have whiteheads you can easily use Perfect Skin Power Treat in the morning also – this way you get the whole face treated once and your forehead treated twice daily with Perfect Skin Power Treat. This will really give some extra speed the process during the treatment :-)

And thus your daily skin care routine so you can quickly remove your whiteheads should look like this:


  • Perfect Skin Face Wash. Use your gentle face wash, which remove dirt and sweat from the skin.
  • When you go to bath in the morning, remember to bring your washcloth. Take some facial cleanser on the washcloth and lightly massage your forehead.
  • Perfect Skin Power Treat. Only for the forehead, where you have whiteheads.
  • Perfect Skin Day Protector. Use your day cream with vitamin A, which through the day also focus on treating your whiteheads.


  • Perfect Skin Face Wash. Use your mild cleanser, so you remove the day’s dirt, grease and sweat from the skin and prepares the skin for the subsequent treatments.
  • Perfect Skin Power Treat. Daily exfoliation of the entire face, then you remove dead skin cells from the skin and prevents the formation of new whiteheads.
  • Perfect Skin Moisturizer. Use your night cream that contains vitamin A, vitamin E and lots of other good ingredients for the skin, which together will really focus on the full care and treat your skin.

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In terms of whether you might need to switch to creams for oily skin, it seems to me almost that you just have to let time tell. Now you start using the Perfect Skin Power Treat twice a day, can easily be just what you needed.

However, I would recommend that you in 1 – 2 weeks do an assessment of your skin. And that you look and feel where you you are most dry or most oily during the day.

Do you feel that you are most dry and your skin peels, then continue with products for normal-dry skin.

Do you feel your skin is more oily, shiny and greasy during the day – then switch to the creams for normal-oily skin.

– Test your skin type here – and help you determine your skin type and choose the right skin care products

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