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4 secret steps to eliminate your pimples now!

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How you can quickly and easily remove your acne with the latest, most effective and proven treatment.

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Mads timmermann is founder of the skin-care series and company Danish Skin Care and has, since 2008, helped thousands of people with removing their acne.

Because as a teenager I had pimples and acne, I tried all kinds of skin-care products for acne, treatments for acne, advice on how to treat pimples, tricks to solve pimples, and more. Nothing worked, and I had incredibly poor self-esteem. Fortunately, I found out how - once and for all - to get rid of pimples, without it costing a fortune, and today I've got a beautiful skin without acne.

Mads Timmermann, founder of The Danish Acne Cure
After. Results may vary.

I now can go out in public even if I have no makeup on

Mads's advice has given me a lot in appearance, but also psychologically. It has made me so that I now can go out in public even if I have no makeup on, and without having the feeling that people are constantly looking at my skin

After 3 months. Results may vary.

Today - only 3 month later - there is very little impure skin

I just needed to get used to the idea about The Danish Acne Cure. Since I studied cosmetology, my ideas were very specific about which skin care I thought was best, but in October I found The Danish Acne Cure and decided to try it. What I had done so far for my acne had never helped, so what did I have to lose? Today - only 3 month later - there is very little impure skin left on my face and I'm just so pleased with the results; otherwise I would never recommend it to others.


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  • The truth about the 4 secret and effective steps to eliminate your pimples NOW!
  • How you find your own unique skin type and choose the right powerful skin-care products.
  • How to get beautiful, smooth, and clean skin.
  • How to avoid incorrect and misleading beauty myths that destroy your skin and give you pimples.
    How to get a new and beautiful reflection to say “good morning” to for the rest of your life.

The Danish Acne Cure is created by Mads Timmermann and Danish Skin Care ApS, Ane Katrines Vej 20, DK-2000 Frederiksberg,, +45 30 116 116.
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