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Danish Skin Care is an honest, effective and simple skin care line that gives everyone a healthier skin, throughout their lives - especially if you suffer from pimples and problem skin. See all products.

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Since 2008, our 3 core values have remained unchanged.


Danish Skin Care is produced in Denmark and developed based on what research has shown works. No more miracle ingredients and hocus-pocus. Free of perfume, dyes and other harmful ingredients. Only the best for your skin!


Each and every Danish Skin Care product is FILLED with a wide range of good ingredients. Some strengthen the skin, some soothe the skin, some prevent future skin problems and some fight skin problems. Together, the ingredients create truly effective results for you!


Maybe many products and a lot of masks, serums and boosters make your skin 2% healthier - after 40 years of use - but is it worth it? And can it be seen? With Danish Skin Care you make skin care easy!

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An honest, effective and simple skincare line

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