the difference

In a world filled with complex products and empty promises, we offer a clear path. 😊

Since 2011, we have been committed to delivering skincare that embodies honesty, effectiveness, and simplicity.

Experience the difference with skincare that truly makes an impact.

Always choose,
honest skincare.

Are you tired of navigating a beauty industry filled with half-truths and quick fixes, that rarely work?

At Danish Skin Care, we understand how frustrating it can be, when social media and advertisements paint an unrealistic picture of perfect skin.

It’s time you get what you deserve – genuine and honest skincare.

Demand more,
effective skincare.

Are you tired of hearing about revolutionary ingredients, that sound amazing in advertisements, but never deliver results?

At Danish Skin Care, we do not believe in following trends or using ingredients just because they sound good in marketing.

Instead, we focus on ingredients whose effectiveness is supported by decades of independent clinical research.

We want you to experience real improvements in your skin, not just fleeting promises.

Trust in,
simple skincare.

Using countless products without seeing results is both frustrating and expensive.

At Danish Skin Care, we have made skincare simple.

Our products are formulated with only the most essential and effective ingredients – nothing more, nothing less.

Discover the difference with our simple skincare routine and enjoy a visibly improved skin.

Our ingredients

Less bad,
more good.

Our approach to ingredients is quite simple: We want only the best! That’s all there is to it. 😉

Check out our POWER ingredients on this page.

A note from our founder

I’ve tried more than 30 different skin care brands, but none of them worked

I have personally struggled with acne for most of my life and have tried everything to reach a point where I could feel truly satisfied with my skin.

Most skincare products promise impossible results and simply drain your wallet, all without any effect. Sometimes, they may even worsen your acne. 🤯

That’s why I created Danish Skin Care – to develop a skincare line that finally gives everyone the clear skin they’ve always wanted.

Since I created our all-in-one Skin Care Kit, we have helped over 100.941+ individuals combat their acne.

I would love if we could help you too.

Mads Timmermann

Get beautiful skin