with a smile

We dream about a world, where everybody feels beautiful, happy and smiles every day.

We started with a simple mission: To make the most positive difference in the beauty industry.

Today, more than 207.425 customers and followers later, our mission is now a global movement.

We think we’ve changed the future of skincare

When we founded Danish Skin Care back in 2008, there were thousands of skincare products on the market.

But few, if any, gave consumers the choice of 100% honest, effective and simple products.

We like to think we changed that.

The founder of Danish Skin Care and expert in beautiful skin - Mads Timmermann


We separate right from wrong
and bring you the truth about skincare.


We believe in the power of science
to change your skin for the better.


Your time and money is precious.
Your skin deserves the absolute best.

Made with ♥

You want all the best ingredients without all the bad ones.

You can be sure that we only use the best, healthiest and non-irritating ingredients, selected from what research proves are healthy for you and your skin.

Everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Share the smile

Together, we’re making the world smile more, one person at a time.

We are a team of happy, helpful, outgoing, positive and open-minded people, who love to bring even more smiles to the world.

A note from our founder

At Danish Skin Care we have a mission and are committed! We want to make the best products on the market, combined with sharing positivity and smiles with the world.

In 2011, we launched Danish Skin Care with only 3 facial products, and today we continue to produce quality skincare and makeup products that deliver only the best results to our customers worldwide.

Thanks for being part of the journey!

Happy greetings
Mads Timmermann