Skin Care Kit

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A skin care kit from Danish Skin Care comes with everything you need for well-treated and optimally protected skin. And you get the absolute best regimen for your skin, with prevention against a wide range of skin problems. *

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With the Danish Skin Care series, your routine will be:

Perfect Skin Face Wash - your facial cleanser, which prepares your skin for the following treatment.

Perfect Skin Day Protector - your day cream, which naturally contains SPF to keep your skin protected all day long, along with tons of other great ingredients to treat and care for your skin.

Perfect Skin Face Wash - your facial cleanser which gets rid of the day’s dirt and oil, and prep your skin for the following treatment. Also use the Perfect Skin Face Wash to remove makeup.

Perfect Skin Power Treat - your daily skin treatment which ensures a deep-clean for your pores. Perfect Skin Power Treat soothes your skin and clears away any remaining impurities, while combatting skin problems.

Do not rinse this product off, but instead let it soak into your skin overnight.

Perfect Skin Moisturizer - your night cream filled with plenty of restorative and deep treating ingredients, so that your skin gets the absolute best treatment throughout the night.

Voila! You’re done with your skin care routine
Super easy and super effective - and now you can rest assured, knowing that your skin has gotten all the care it needs.

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